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With Abode Muse, you can design, create and publish powerful websites. You can do all of this without writing any code or relying on a programmer. With simple site planning tools, intuitive designer features and hundreds of fonts to choose from, you can launch pages with ease. Once you create a new page, you can preview it and make the necessary changes. Since Adobe is a well-known and liked brand, you can use this product without fear, as other Web-based builders aren’t as well-known or enjoy backing from a large and established corporation. If you sit down and give Adobe Muse a try, you are sure to walk away feeling excited and ready to build your site.


If you can use a basic text editor, you should not struggle with Adobe Muse, as the creators of this amazing software program built it with beginners in mind. If you are familiar with other Adobe tools like Eyedropper, you will enjoy an easy transition to Adobe Muse. If you aren’t, you will still have an easy time adding widgets such as a contact form as you can drag and drop it right onto the page. Furthermore, once you build one or two pages, you will want to test it and Adobe Muse doesn’t disappoint as you can preview your site with one click of the button. Finally, if you worry about getting started, you can browse the training library and sharpen your skills by taking a tutorial or watching a video.


Once you sign up and log in, you can start creating the site of your dreams. To begin, use the simple site planning tools where you can then lay out your site in a visual manner. Then, with the available design features and fonts, you can start to design your pages and create a website that you envision in your mind. Since you probably want to take advantage of social media, you won’t be disappointed with Adobe Muse as you can drag and drop Facebook and Twitter follow buttons. You can also add YouTube videos and Google Maps with the click of a button, all without coding! Once you create a few pages, you can preview your work. Since Adobe Muse uses the latest standards, you won’t worry about unsafe or slow loading pages. As mentioned, at any point in the process, if you struggle, you can head to the tutorial and watch a video or hone your skills without worry.


Plenty of Web-based builders don’t give you much in the way of hosting options. Fortunately, if you want an easy solution, you can use Adobe Web hosting and not worry about downloading and using an FTP program. With the Adobe Web hosting platform, you can directly publish your pages from Adobe Muse and Dreamweaver. If you are more tech-oriented, you can sign up for your own host, download an FTP program and upload your site in this manner. Either way, with Adobe Muse, you won’t struggle to update your site.


Right off the bat, when you create a site with Adobe Muse, you won’t need to create a sitemap as one will be automatically created for you. With a sitemap, Google, Bing, Yahoo and the other major search engines will find your content and you will enjoy traffic from plenty of visitors. Not only that, with the available social widgets, you can market your site to excited social media visitors. With this one-two punch of valuable content and social media marketing, you will gain plenty of excited website visitors from all over.


Now, Adobe Muse is easy to use and you probably won’t struggle to create, edit and publish new pages. With the Adobe Muse Feature Tour, you can learn every aspect necessary to build the perfect Web pages. Since the videos are concise, you can learn how to fix up your site almost immediately. Of course, Adobe doesn’t leave you hanging. Once you sign up and start using the product, you will enjoy a high level of support as you can contact customer service to ask questions and resolve any issues.


Adobe Muse is more expensive than other providers; however, it offers the user plenty. For $14.99 a month, you will enjoy a full version of Adobe Muse. Also included is 20 gigabytes of storage along with Adobe Typekit library, which includes fonts for use in the program. When signing up, you need to commit for a year, but you are billed monthly.


With a name like Adobe, you can feel comfortable using the product without fear

Design with familiar tools that Adobe provides such as the Eyedropper and Smart Guides


While Adobe Muse can create basic sites, some users will want more features if they want to build a full site


Users with older and outdated computers often experienced frustration as the program uses plenty of RAM


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