Bad Mobile is Bad for Business


The popular paradigm seems to be, “If I can’t access your site on the go, what’s the point of accessing it at all?”

Streamlined mobile access is imperative to a business’s success, particularly small businesses. In fact, Google sponsored research found that 55% of consumers said that a bad experience on a mobile website hurt their perception of the overall brand at hand. This illustrates that it’s no longer enough to simply push for mobile, as most adept brands have caught on by now. It’s time to turn to functionality and the process of fine-tuning mobile sites so that they creatively and pragmatically suffice the needs of the modern consumer.

Experts have found that poor automation plays a key role in the creation of bad mobile sites. Many website building tools offer automation features which simply take desktop-ready sites and reconfigure the code for mobile platforms. This not only compromises functionality in favor of expedience, it puts a strain on small businesses and their resources to clean things up after the fact. What results is the classic case of a quick-fix igniting a much larger problem.

To prevent a bad mobile site, it’s crucial that functionality be inherent in the site builder. For instance, Network Solutions offers a mobile site building tool that configures in minutes, but also provides a Set Up Assistant that allows for customization of your site’s interface. This allows you as the business owner to get under the hood and offer your customers exactly what they’re looking for in a mobile site. Network solutions also offers key marketing tools, such as SEO consulting, which could help nurture leads after mobile implementation.

At the end of the day, the easiest solution isn’t always the best solution. Build your mobile site the right way and open up your doors to the customers of today and tomorrow.

Posted on Friday, September 5th, 2014