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Once you get ready to build your own website, you will likely encounter a barrage of terms and options that can be somewhat confusing and leave you wondering which option is best for your needs. Among the options available is cPanel. We will give you a full rundown of what cPanel offers to your website building experience and why iPage ranks as our top pick for cPanel integration.  What is cPanel? cPanel is a Linux-based control panel used for web hosting that provides automation tools and a graphical interface. The purpose of cPanel is to simplify the web-hosting process. Using a three-tiered structure, cPanel provides capabilities for resellers, administrators, and end-user website owners to manage the various aspects of the website using a standard Web browser. Additionally, cPanel provides the capability of third-party software vendors, developers, and web hosting organizations to automate administration processes. cPanel is also designed to function as a virtual private server or a dedicated server. All of that may sound confusing, especially if you are new to the world of web design, but cPanel is actually a… Read more

If you are thinking of designing your own Web page, chances are that you have encountered the term HTML and wondered what it is as well as whether you need to understand it to design your website. HTML refers to hypertext markup language and in many ways, it truly is much like any other language. The exception that sets HTML apart from languages such as English or Spanish, is that is designed to provide instructions to browsers. With HTML, it is possible to create pages that can then be sent via email or posted online. HTML is the code that makes it possible for you to view Web pages in your browser. When you open a Web page, you usually see a variety of different elements, including text, photos, tables and perhaps even videos. You also likely see an array of colors, fonts, and styles of text, such as italics or bolded text. Each of the design elements that you see on a Web page is designed with HTML and tagged using specific codes. These codes provide instructions to the… Read more

If you are new to the world of Web design, you may have heard the term CSS and wondered what it is and how you use it. CSS refers to cascading style sheets. The style sheet is the actual document, and while they may sound like a new invention, style sheets have been utilized for document design for years. Whether online or print, style sheets form the technical specifications for a layout. In this way, they assist print designers in ensuring that the final designs are printed precisely to their specifications. In terms of a webpage, style sheets provide the same purpose. The only difference is that a style sheet communicates to the Web browser how the document being viewed should be rendered. Cascade is the exception when it comes to web design. Web style sheets are intended to cascade through a series of sheets. Each webpage is affected by a minimum of one style sheet. This style sheet is the default style that the browser will utilize for displaying a page if there are no other instructions provided. If… Read more

In 2009, the television program Reading Rainbow was canceled from public television due to budgetary changes. Host Levar Burton said that he wasn't worried: the show was originally designed to take advantage of the best medium for reaching children available at the time of its creation, television,; that was no longer the case. Within a year, Reading Rainbow had re-envisioned its classic programming and trademark concepts into an iPad app and in early June of 2014, Burton managed to raise over $3.5 million, more than triple his original goal, on Kickstarter within three days in order to be able to provide that app for free to classrooms around the country. Burton realized in 2009 that in order to reach children in the 21st century, it was important to speak to them in a way that they can understand, and that is increasing through the use of technology and systems that integrate their chosen lifestyles into the education process. This is more than a capitulation to childhood fascination with a far more online world; it also happens to be opening up… Read more

You've spent months trying to figure out the perfect gift for your significant other and come up with nothing. Jewelry is not really their thing, they have every movie they want, vacations are just not possible right now, and everything else you've looked at just doesn't feel right. We've all been in this place before. A lot of the problem is that you want something special and personalized, and you want to be able to say that you had some sort of hand in it other than just picking it up off the shelf. So have you considered building them a website? Think about it: you have the opportunity to make something that is custom designed for the person you want and that you can make yourself without any significant artistic talent. Moreover, they'll be able to show it off to the entire world or just keep it to themselves as they choose. It clearly takes effort on your part, but it's an effort that anybody can make. Here are just a few ideas for things that you can do… Read more