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Breezi is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to build, edit and improve a website. All-too-often, site owners struggle with the basics of website building and maintenance. With this web builder, not only can you produce and launch pages quickly, but, once you want to tweak your pages slightly, you can use the visual editor with little to no training. To start, you will only need to choose a pre-designed theme and get to work. On the other hand, if you want to customize your own theme, you can do so with ease. Once you give Breezi a try, you will understand that it’s a breeze to develop your website and edit your heart out.


When it comes to ease-of-use, you are in good hands with Breezi. It’s easy to get started within minutes, and you won’t need any programming experience. In fact, anyone with a computer and an internet connection can hop onto Breezi. To begin the editing process, you will want to sign up for an account. You will then be taken to the visual editor where you can clean up your pages or create new ones. Or, if you want, you can save yourself some time and use the pre-designed themes. The more advanced user can choose from a variety of grid-based wireframes. After a few short minutes, you will realize the powerful features this web-based visual editor offers, and probably won’t want to go back to other editors that are not user-friendly or have all the tools you need.


It’s easy to read about a Web-based editor and grow weary. Let’s face it, if you run a website, it’s better knowing that your editor can do it all, and most editors fail to offer everything to users. With Breezi, you can change the style of your pages, edit texts and images, add links to text and even customize the layout of your site and pages. What really sets Breezi above the rest is the wide variety of available apps. With the app store, you can add navigation menus, a blog, video galleries, contact forms and much more.


Breezi provides hosting through the well-known and popular Amazon Web Services. When you sign up for services, not only can you create a visually pleasing and secure site, but you won’t need to worry about common hosting issues others face. Breezi doesn’t set any limits on storage; you can build away and host all your information without fear. While Breezi offers an excellent visual editor and top-notch hosting services, you will need to find a domain on your own. The same goes for email hosting, FTP management and DNS management. While true, you can contact Breezi as it is more than happy to help you set these services up.


Even if you build a masterpiece of a website, you will struggle to create a buzz if you don’t know how to use Internet marketing methods. Fortunately, with the available apps, you can throw up a sexy blog, create picture-perfect photo galleries and even link your site to all your social media feeds. While this takes some effort, you will be rewarded with a beautiful site and high rankings in Google, Bing and Yahoo.


If you run into issues while building or hosting your site, you are in good hands with Breezi. For starters, when you run into any problems, minor or major, you can head to the how-to guide where you can learn the basics of any job you want to complete. The advantage of the how-to guides is that you can watch a video or read the transcript. If this isn’t enough, Breezi has compiled a large Q&A section. Here, you can access a large database of questions and answers from customers. If all else fails and your issue is too large to fix on your own, don’t worry, you can contact the support team via the help portal. Though it should rarely come to that, it’s nice to know you have plenty of options when you need help getting started or completing a difficult task.


Breezi is simple on pricing. You will only pay $9 a month. You are not locked into a plan with Breezi, and you are free to cancel anytime. Not only that, you can sign up for a free trial to determine if you truly enjoy the service.


User-friendly and only takes you a few minutes to start


You must host your email offsite, and you don’t have any FTP options with Breezi


If you want to hire a Web designer in the future, he or she may struggle to implement changes with Breezi


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