Building a Website Beyond the Aesthetics

With more and more websites coming online every day, competition has grown increasingly fierce. You must ensure that your website is both interesting and relevant. The allure of building a visually appealing website is certainly strong. Numerous factors come into play in terms of building an attractive website, including navigability, functionality and appearance. Among the most important things to keep in mind in designing a website is the need to keep it light. Clean layouts are far easier on the eye as well as easier for users to browse. Avoid cluttering up your webpage. Instead, make judicious use of white space to create a clean look. This helps to not only enhance the appeal of your website but also draws attention to the content on your site.

Fonts are a critical element to consider in designing your website. It must be understood that fonts can often render differently based on the computer or device utilized by the viewer. This is because each device has its own distinctive preset fonts that might not be compatible with those displayed on your website. Due to this, it is advisable to always use universal fonts.

It is also important to understand and take advantage of stretch layouts. A stretch layout is a layout that works with any screen resolution. The benefit of a stretch layout is that your visitors can receive a visually appealing browsing experience regardless of the device or browser they are using. Thus, they are encouraged to remain on your site and continue browsing.

For many people, the prospect of building a website from scratch can be daunting, to say the least. This can be particularly true if you have limited or no coding and design experience. If you are experiencing trouble with designing your website, the use of templates can make it much easier. Website building tools such as iPage can greatly assist with the aesthetic side of designing your website. With the wide variety of templates available through iPage, you can quickly create a visually appealing website even if you are struggling with the actual layout.

Keep in mind that while it is certainly important to build a visually appealing website, a successful website does rely on far more than just its design. It is also important to consider marketing and hosting. For instance, regardless of how great your website looks, few people will see it if you do not have reliable hosting. Weebly offers a powerful hosting system that also happens to be free of charge. As a result, you can rest assured that your site will load quickly and stay live under any condition. Weebly even guarantees availability and performance.

It is also important to consider whether there will be any ads displayed if you opt for a free hosting solution. In the past, this was often considered a nuisance that must be accepted in order to take advantage of free hosting. Today, that is no longer the case with website builders such as Weebly offering ad-free hosting. With no ads displayed, you can be assured there are no distractions to detract your viewer’s attention from your site. iPage also excels in terms of hosting by offering an all-in-one hosting solution that gives you unlimited hosting space and unlimited data transfer.

You must also consider how you will develop a marketing campaign for your website. No longer is it enough to build it and hope they will come. You must also establish a strong marketing campaign. Website building tools such as offer robust marketing solutions that allow your website to appear in the online Yellow Pages as well as major search engines without spending a lot of time or effort in marketing your website., for instance, offers a variety of marketing solutions, including pay-per-click marketing, search engine optimization, and local leads.

In addition, ¬†your website should provide an easy transaction process if you plan to sell products through your website. Today’s consumers are more security conscious than ever before. As a result, you need to ensure that your website is designed in a manner that will provide not only an easy sales process but also a secure transaction. The website builder 1& gives you the option of building an online store in just a matter of minutes. With this ecommerce option, you can offer your customers the most popular payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal, payment in advance and payment on account.

Finally, you need to consider how easily your website will allow you to communicate with visitors. Your choice of a website builder should make a tremendous difference in terms of your ability to render more visitors and keep them engaged.

Posted on Wednesday, November 5th, 2014