Building Your Website to Capture Leads with Email Marketing


Email marketing often serves as the first step of the sales funnel, but in order to build your email marketing list, you must be able to capture leads. Your website serves as the ideal foundation for capturing leads to bring in more business. Whether you are new to the idea of email marketing or you have noticed that you are not receiving the response you would like, it is important to ensure that your website is designed in a way that will support your email marketing efforts.

It all begins with the opt-in form. At a minimum, it is important to have an opt-in form located on your website’s home page. Along with positioning an opt-in form on the home page, you may also find it beneficial to include opt-in forms on other areas of your website, as well. For instance, you might consider placing one on your About page as well as any other high-traffic pages. You may also find it helpful to place an opt-in form at the top of a page as well as the bottom of the page. Many people often shy away from the idea of including opt-in forms in multiple locations, but it should be kept in mind that when a visitor may only notice the opt-in forms at specific points when visiting your website, you want to make sure you do not lose them.

In order to direct visitors to your website and capture their attention in a sufficient enough manner that they will be encouraged to opt-in to your mailing list, you need to impress them with what you have to offer. This is often accomplished in the form of quality, informative content, such as a report, eBook, whitepaper, or other digital material. In exchange for the material, the visitor will agree to provide his or her name, email address, and additional information. Such content serves as the ideal lead generator. The idea here is to provide something that is so valuable that your visitor will not be able to resist clicking on it. One of the biggest mistakes that many people make when building their website to support their email marketing efforts is to encourage visitors to “sign up for our newsletter.” A newsletter alone is not enough of an incentive to encourage users to sign up. You need something that you can provide them in the moment and it needs to be something they want. It should also be kept in mind that at this point, most visitors are not ready to make a purchase commitment yet. By providing valuable, free content, you can encourage them to join your mailing list, however. From that point, you can begin working to build their trust and demonstrating the value of your products and services are

It is also important to make certain that your website is easy to navigate. Remember that you only have a few seconds, at most, to make an impression and grab the attention of your visitor. If your website is difficult to navigate, a first-time visitor may become frustrated and leave before they even see the opt-in form. Furthermore, they may be lost forever. Even if you are not experienced in web design, a website building tool can help you to create a professional looking website that is also easy to navigate with just a few clicks. When it comes to building a website, Weebly is a website building tool that makes it incredibly easy to build an easy-to-navigate website even if you do not have any prior web design experience. The site planner tool along with the drag-and-drop web design utility gives you the ability to visualize your website and bring it to life in the most professional manner possible.

Once you have your website built, with opt-in forms, you also need to ensure that you have an email system in place to make handling your email list easier and more effective. Above all, it is vital to ensure that your emails are spam compliant. The last thing you want to have happen is for a subscriber to miss your email because it was flagged as spam by their ISP. This is an area where excels as a website builder. Wix offers a complete email marketing suite that makes it easy to build customer relationships through a variety of email marketing tools. For instance, Wix gives you the ability to send newsletters using Wix ShoutOut and MailChimp. You can also create a custom signup form using Wix to draw even more leads.

Building a website to capture leads for email marketing may sound as though it is a daunting task. By following a few tips and taking advantage of a robust website building tool, it is possible to ensure your website is designed to capture maximum leads.

Posted on Tuesday, January 6th, 2015