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What is CSS?

If you are new to the world of Web design, you may have heard the term CSS and wondered what it is and how you use it. CSS refers to cascading style sheets. The style sheet is the actual document, and while they may sound like a new invention, style sheets have been utilized for […]

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Need Design Inspiration for Your New Website?

Whether it’s making music, writing literature or building a website, it’s safe to say that most forms of creation are contingent upon some level of inspiration. Perhaps we don’t realize it at the time, but even “new” ideas are often rooted in familiar ground. So, as you’re sitting there starring at the blank canvas of your […]

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V-Decks vs. C-Panels

If you own a website that you are hosting online, the odds are in favor that you are going to come into contact with one of these two control interfaces. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but what most people don’t know is, “What’s the difference?” This is a general problem for those who aren’t […]

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Tips for Designing Your Digital Portfolio

In the world that we live in, there is absolutely no reason to not have an online profile if you are in any industry that involves work that can be shown off. Not only is this the best way for others to see what you are capable of without having to physically be there, but […]

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How Much Code Do I Need to Know?

There is no sign that the influence of the Internet is going to get any less pervasive in the upcoming years. In fact, all indicators suggest that the world will continue to become more and more reliant on an increasingly available stream of instant data, and if you own a business or want to play […]

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Don’t O.D: The Hazards of Overdesigning your Website

The march of technological progress continues, and as such you find more and more websites integrating this new technology in showing off their sophistication and parading the new toys that they have access to in front of the world. It’s a large part of the culture of technology that when something new and exciting becomes […]

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Designing Mobile Versions of Your Website

There was a time when it would have been considered the stuff of science fiction to have the most powerful information sharing service ever devised by human beings available to you twenty four hours a day almost anyplace that you were, but that is becoming a reality for more and more people all the time. […]

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