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Building a Website with Multiple Languages

Is it enough to have one website in one language? Not really. One of the benefits of the Internet is that you can reach a global audience at any time. This is great, but if someone in your audience can’t comprehend your website because of a language barrier, then you have lost a potential customer. […]

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How Much Content Does Your Website Need?

Do you ever wonder how much content you really need? It seems as though the guidelines are continually changing, but one thing that is certain is that content is still very much king of the Internet. In fact, in the latest changes to Google’s algorithms, there has been an increased emphasis placed on the importance […]

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Understanding the Importance of SSL Certificates

Today, online security is more important than ever. Given the number of hacking attempts and stolen data making the headlines, consumers have become increasingly cautious when it comes to entering their financial information online. Such wariness has made it even far more important for website owners to ensure that their websites provide the highest level of security. One way […]

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Adding an Online Store to Your Website

E-commerce has made it possible to level the playing field and provide even small operations with the ability to compete on the same level as larger companies. Regardless of the type of industry in which you are involved, if you have goods or products to sell, you can likely benefit from adding an online store to your website. Even […]

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Website Builders with Easiest to Use Control Panels

As part of the process of choosing a website builder, you also need to consider a variety of factors. Among the factors to consider is the simplicity of the control panel. One of the primary benefits of using a website builder is that you do not need to learn HTML and other programming languages in […]

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iPage: Best Website Builder for cPanel Integration

Once you get ready to build your own website, you will likely encounter a barrage of terms and options that can be somewhat confusing and leave you wondering which option is best for your needs. Among the options available is cPanel. We will give you a full rundown of what cPanel offers to your website […]

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What is HTML?

If you are thinking of designing your own Web page, chances are that you have encountered the term HTML and wondered what it is as well as whether you need to understand it to design your website. HTML refers to hypertext markup language and in many ways, it truly is much like any other language. […]

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What is CSS?

If you are new to the world of Web design, you may have heard the term CSS and wondered what it is and how you use it. CSS refers to cascading style sheets. The style sheet is the actual document, and while they may sound like a new invention, style sheets have been utilized for […]

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Spotlight: School Teachers

In 2009, the television program Reading Rainbow was canceled from public television due to budgetary changes. Host Levar Burton said that he wasn’t worried: the show was originally designed to take advantage of the best medium for reaching children available at the time of its creation, television,; that was no longer the case. Within a […]

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Gift Idea: Build Her/Him a Website

You’ve spent months trying to figure out the perfect gift for your significant other and come up with nothing. Jewelry is not really their thing, they have every movie they want, vacations are just not possible right now, and everything else you’ve looked at just doesn’t feel right. We’ve all been in this place before. […]

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