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Why Your Restaurant Needs a Mobile Optimized Website

As a restaurant owner, do you really need a mobile optimized website in addition to your regular website? The answer is a resounding yes! One of the most common reasons that many restaurant owners do not have a mobile website is because they think their old website is enough. Even if you have a great regular website, […]

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Bad Mobile is Bad for Business

The popular paradigm seems to be, “If I can’t access your site on the go, what’s the point of accessing it at all?” Streamlined mobile access is imperative to a business’s success, particularly small businesses. In fact, Google sponsored research found that 55% of consumers said that a bad experience on a mobile website hurt […]

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Designing Mobile Versions of Your Website

There was a time when it would have been considered the stuff of science fiction to have the most powerful information sharing service ever devised by human beings available to you twenty four hours a day almost anyplace that you were, but that is becoming a reality for more and more people all the time. […]

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