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To really get the most out of your service, you’ll probably want to know exactly what features you’ll get from the company you like best. With the reviews we’ve created below, you’ll have a much better idea of each company’s special offers, so that you can feel confident in the choice you ultimately make. Feel free to read our reviews on your way to visiting these awesome website builders today.

1and1.com Review

*9.8 of 10
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Whether you’re building a website for personal or business purposes, 1&1 offers outstanding solutions that combine great tools and services in one easy-to-use package. 1&1’s website building and hosting make it easy for anyone to build and promote a site easily and effectively, thanks to built-in marketing tools.... (Continue Reading...) Submit Review

Web.com Review

*9.5 of 10
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Helping more than 3 million clients succeed in all sorts of online businesses, Web.com can provide the world-class website building tools and strategies that you’ve always craved. Every Web.com relationship begins with an in-depth interview with the company’s experts, who help you understand how you could best grow your business through effective design, site development, optimization and marketing.... (Continue Reading...) Submit Review

iPage.com Review

*9.4 of 10
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iPage offers world-class website building solutions with plenty of perks and incentives for individuals and business owners to establish an online presence. With no prior design or HTML code experience required, iPage’s drag-and-drop interface makes it surprisingly easy for you to design, publish and promote your own website.... (Continue Reading...) Submit Review

Weebly.com Review

*9.0 of 10
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Offering an all-in-one free package, Weebly can give you the simple template-based website building and drag-and-drop design that could help you create professional-looking websites. That’s right: you won’t have to pay a dime to build a beautiful website with Weebly’s simple tools, which were specifically built for people with no technical knowledge of computer programming or design.... (Continue Reading...) Submit Review

NetworkSolutions.com Review

*8.7 of 10
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If you’re looking for incentives to build a website for personal or business use, Network Solutions offers them in spades. One of the best website building tools out today, Network Solutions offers comprehensive website solutions that simplify a once-complicated and expensive online venture.... (Continue Reading...) Submit Review

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Wix.com Review

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Offering free hosting with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, few solutions do as well as Wix when it comes to helping newcomers get online. Thanks to the company’s drag-and-drop website building tools, anyone can build a customized website without any prior web development experience. Wix provides beautiful templates for every variety of website, allowing you to add video, images, shopping carts and many other useful features.... (Continue Reading...) Submit Review

Webs.com Review

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Offering free hosting and website building, Webs is part of the exciting new generation of website builders that make it easy and affordable to build and manage incredible looking websites for businesses of all sizes. Webs has helped create more than 40 million sites worldwide, showing that they’ve clearly tapped into something. Part of the success of Webs is due to its ability to create amazing sites using intuitive drag-and-drop features, meaning no design or technical experience... (Continue Reading...) Submit Review

SquareSpace.com Review

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Squarespace provides a really slick website building tool and a wide range of cool templates for musicians, artists, merchants, photographers, restaurant owners and bloggers. Fully customizable templates can be easily modified through an intuitive Style Editor tool that allows you to add and edit images, change fonts, colors, backgrounds and do live previews to see exactly what your visitors see.... (Continue Reading...) Submit Review

BuildYourSite.com Review

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Offering a free test drive of its website building capabilities as well as a full money-back guarantee, BuildYourSite lives up to its name and then some, using fairly priced point-and-click website building tools to help small businesses thrive. With prices beginning at $9.95/month, BuildYourSite offers a highly innovative and intuitive solution that combines drag-and-drop site building with professional design assistance.... (Continue Reading...) Submit Review

Moonfruit Review

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As first impressions go, you need look no further than the company name to know that Moonfruit embodies creativity, whimsy and just a touch of rebellion. Not the sort of rebellion that results in punishment, mind you, but the kind that dares to think outside the box. As you delve deeper into the company’s website, you’ll find that Moonfruit breaks the mold of convention to provide stunning templates and a website building solution... (Continue Reading...) Submit Review

Adobe Muse Review

User Rating:
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With Abode Muse, you can design, create and publish powerful websites. You can do all of this without writing any code or relying on a programmer. With simple site planning tools, intuitive designer features and hundreds of fonts to choose from, you can launch pages with ease. Once you create a new page, you can ... (Continue Reading...)

Angelfire Review

User Rating:
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If you had been on the Internet in the 1990s, you had probably heard of Angelfire, one of the earliest free hosting websites to ever hit the Web. The name probably faded into your memory along with Netscape Navigator, Geocities, and CompuServe. In wistful bouts of nostalgia, you may even wonder whatever happened to that ... (Continue Reading...)

Basekit Review

User Rating:
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Basekit is a Web design toolkit for personal Web development that comes with the option of allowing others to also contribute to their own design in a variety of ways. They have thousands of registered users and setup is incredibly simple. There are 43 templates to work with, depending on your plan, and a lot ... (Continue Reading...)

bOnline Review

User Rating:
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If you’re looking for something unique in an online Web builder, you’ll absolutely find it in bOnline. More than anything, you’ll be able to take advantage of their most unique feature, one that they advertise heavily from the moment you go on the site, which is that they have set up a lot of automation ... (Continue Reading...)

Breezi Review

User Rating:
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Breezi is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to build, edit and improve a website. All-too-often, site owners struggle with the basics of website building and maintenance. With this web builder, not only can you produce and launch pages quickly, but, once you want to tweak your pages slightly, you can use the visual editor ... (Continue Reading...)

CityMax Review

User Rating:
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When you first go to the CityMax website, you’re immediately confronted with a clearly professional page that is modeled like many other Web-based business pages. It’s a bit busy, but it gets the point across that they are there to help you build the best website that they can, and it’s easy to feel confident ... (Continue Reading...)

Doodlekit Review

User Rating:
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There is a certain amount of signal mixing when the word “free” is plastered all over a website, but the first banner that shows up in a rotating series of pictures prominently declares that “prices start at $14.95 a month,” which is very attractive. Otherwise, though, Doodlekit’s main website doesn’t seem to have been designed with ... (Continue Reading...)

Dynadot Review

User Rating:
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If there’s a word for Dynadot, it’s “slick.” The company has gone to great lengths to smooth out and polish their service, find the exact amount that they can charge for a fair deal and just enough service to make them reliable. This produces a fairly average, but ultimately uninspiring hosting company with an additional ... (Continue Reading...)

Edicy Review

User Rating:
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If you run a website and want to attract worldwide visitors, you will want to build a multilingual one. Think about it, if your visitors come from Europe, Asia, South America or much of the rest of the world, they will struggle to read it in English. Now, in the past, it was difficult to ... (Continue Reading...)

Exai Review

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If you want a DIY approach, you are in good hands if you use the EXAI website builder. Not only does EXAI put it all out there on the front page, you will not struggle to navigate this easy to use website.  In fact, from the moment you land on the front page, you can ... (Continue Reading...)

Flavors.me Review

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Flavors very much wants you to think of it as the friendly, there-for-you Web builder that works at keeping it as easy as possible for you to get your website up and running. Flavors’ opening page is very clear on this and goes out of its way to guide you toward starting to build a ... (Continue Reading...)

Google Sites Review

User Rating:
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When Google produces something, you can be sure that it will be expertly engineered, lovingly crafted, and almost inevitably free, and that is certainly the case with Google Sites. Another addition to the already impressive Google website suite, this simple template-based web builder is an often overlooked but fairly impressive addition to the Google roster. ... (Continue Reading...)

Gutensite Review

User Rating:
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Gutensite is a bit confusing as far as what it is that they are trying to accomplish. On one hand, they have an excellent interface and a great tutorial, on the other hand they are fairly expensive for what you’re getting and limit the user in the strangest ways. That being said, Gutensite offers an ... (Continue Reading...)

Harmony Review

User Rating:
Visit Harmony

From the moment you visit Harmony’s site, you are promised that you can “enjoy building websites again.” The graphics are relaxing and welcoming, and the site fits a great deal of information on the first page without being confusing or looking cluttered. Harmony is very clear about its selling points, all of which are real ... (Continue Reading...)

IM Creator Review

User Rating:
Visit IM Creator

If you want to use a trusted website builder, consider IM Creator as more than three million people around the world trust and love this brand. If you are looking for a lean website builder that enables you to start immediately and without knowing how to code or build a site, you can’t go wrong ... (Continue Reading...)

Jigsy Review

User Rating:
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Jigsy has all the markings of a great Web builder, providing the flexibility that an experienced designer can use and the simplicity that will attract novices and make it possible for them to create something spectacular. The services that are offered by Jigsy are well worth a decent amount of money for the privilege of using ... (Continue Reading...)

Kickoff Labs Review

User Rating:
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Kickoff Labs isn’t afraid to demonstrate its system on its very own website. The company doesn’t  just want to help you build a website; Kickoff Labs wants you to build a marketing system that will get you leads and has focused its entire builder around doing just that. The company website is aggressive and works pretty well, ... (Continue Reading...)

Launch Rock Review

User Rating:
Visit Launch Rock

Launch Rock has a rock and roll theme and wants very much for you to believe that it’s a cool, hip website building platform. That being said, after exploration, you should find that Launch Rock has a respectable builder and business strategy that might actually help people to get ready for a product or business launch. While it ... (Continue Reading...)

Lifeyo Review

User Rating:
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When you first go to the Lifeyo website, you can tell that they are a site that is serious and wants to be a major contender in the online Web building market. Unfortunately, it’s pretty clear from even a little bit of digging on their site that they’re not quite ready for primetime, and it’s ... (Continue Reading...)

LightCMS Review

User Rating:
Visit LightCMS

LightCMS provides a consistently positive website building experience right out of the gate, and its hundreds of thousands of customers can likely attest to that. LightCMS has the sort of “hip” vibe to it that would appeal to artists, restaurateurs and creative types, but also provides more straight-edge clientele the opportunity to create fantastic websites ... (Continue Reading...)

Livesite Review

User Rating:
Visit Livesite

Livesite is a classically presented web builder that has made its reputation on being able to create high quality, uniquely designed sites. It’s very clear from the website that the company wants to prevent itself from getting too big that it can no longer serve its customers properly, and that seems to have worked out ... (Continue Reading...)

Moonfruit Review

User Rating:
Visit Moonfruit

As first impressions go, you need look no further than the company name to know that Moonfruit embodies creativity, whimsy and just a touch of rebellion.  Not the sort of rebellion that results in punishment, mind you, but the kind that dares to think outside the box. As you delve deeper into the company’s website, ... (Continue Reading...)

NuBook — Website Builder Review

With website builders, the sign-up page of the company is usually a pretty good indication of what you can expect from the service. What can be immediately said about the NuBook website is that it is clever, clean and easy to use. It puts a lot of its important information in strange places, but at the ... (Continue Reading...)

OnePager Review

User Rating:
Visit OnePager

When looking to build a small and beautiful one page website for a business, you need to consider OnePager. With this sleek and powerful website builder, you can log in and start building a new site within minutes. This is in stark contrast to your other options where you will take hours to code a ... (Continue Reading...)

Pikock Review

User Rating:
Visit Pikock

A website is a marketing tool at its core, perhaps even more so when it comes to the websites for website builders. When one goes to such a site, it’s expected that the company will be attempting to show off what the product offers, meaning that these websites tend to be a little strange.Based on ... (Continue Reading...)

Rebel Mouse Web Builder Review

Never before has a good service been hidden as well as Rebel Mouse. The company’s initial website leaves the average user entirely perplexed as to what is actually done there, and the videos that accompany it do nothing to alleviate that confusion. This is remarkably sad since the Rebel Mouse platform is one of the ... (Continue Reading...)

Rocketspark Review

User Rating:
Visit Rocketspark

Rocketspark understands that the best way to get a builder to work for customers is to provide integration and simplicity. For this reason, its sites are fairly basic, but utilize basic design in order to look good and, more importantly, work with other business applications to make it easier to get as much use as possible ... (Continue Reading...)

Sandvox Review

User Rating:
Visit Sandvox

Sandvox is a little different than a lot of products on the market. For one thing, it’s standalone software designed by Karelia, which is becoming rarer and rarer these days as web-based alternatives are gaining popularity. Further, the website makes it clear that they are trying to optimize for Mac computers, focusing their efforts and ... (Continue Reading...)

Simplesite Review

User Rating:
Visit Simplesite

If you want to a website in just a few minutes, you are in good hands if you use the Web-based builder SimpleSite. With this builder, you can create a site in just three simple and easy to follow steps. This is in stark contrast to other Web-based builders that require you to go through ... (Continue Reading...)

SiteJam Review

User Rating:
Visit SiteJam

SiteJam is trying to bank on its builder design to draw people in. While it doesn’t stand out in any particular fashion, it provides good value for the prices. In many ways, it’s pretty clear that what the company is going for is a bargain option. This isn’t to say the builder is cheap or ... (Continue Reading...)

Sitezulu Review

User Rating:
Visit Sitezulu

When you first go to the Sitezulu home page, it gives you an immediate sense of comfort. It’s a well-designed site in general, and makes it pretty easy to get started. Sitezulu is a small UK-based company, and everything about the website indicates a down-to-Earth business that is focused on the customer and providing the ... (Continue Reading...)

SnapPages Review

User Rating:
Visit SnapPages

It helps to be cynical on the Internet. Often, the friendliest face is hiding a poorly designed platform. That is not the case with SnapPages, a site that seems genuinely interested in helping you make a website and is designed to make that as easy as possible. The website is fresh, easy to navigate, very ... (Continue Reading...)

StartLogic Review

User Rating:
Visit StartLogic

While other Web-based builders muddle everything, StartLogic knows that simplicity is the way to most people’s hearts. Think about it, when using some Web-based builders or other programs, a site owner will struggle. However, if you want to get online and watch as your site gains visitors, you will want to use StartLogic as you ... (Continue Reading...)

uCoz Review

User Rating:
Visit uCoz

uCoz is a great example of what a website builder should be while also exhibiting a number of serious issues. It combines several excellent features, presents them well and makes them easy to use. In fact, the front page of the website is capable of being manipulated in the same way that the builder allows, so ... (Continue Reading...)

Virb Review

User Rating:
Visit Virb

If you are a novice or a seasoned professional, you can find plenty to love about Virb. With this Web-based editor, you can create mobile-friendly pages for your website in minutes. Once you land on the front page, you can sign up for a free 10 day trail and get started immediately. After signing up, ... (Continue Reading...)

Vistaprint Review

User Rating:
Visit Vistaprint

Vistaprint is a well-known and respected company with a big name in the business world, mostly in regards to their physical printing services. And their reputation is well deserved in printing, without a doubt, but one has to wonder if that same quality can transfer to a website builder and site hosting. In a word: yes. ... (Continue Reading...)

Volusion Review

User Rating:
Visit Volusion

Some Web-based builders provide you with a cool setup, but fail to offer you all the tools you need to succeed. This is unfortunate, and it’s not easy to find a company offering everything you need. However, now you have a solid choice in Volusion. With this Web-based builder, you can build the perfect site, ... (Continue Reading...)

Webnode Review

User Rating:
Visit Webnode

Webnode provides a website building solution for personal and business use, and wisely separates its packages into those two categories. Both solutions use Webnode’s drag and drop functionality that makes design and development go a whole lot faster than traditional coding and requires no complicated user manuals or training. If you’ve used basic word processing ... (Continue Reading...)

Webpop Review

User Rating:
Visit Webpop

Somebody must have told the people at Webpop that the Cloud is very in right now, since reading the company’s website assaults the viewer with the word used over and over again. This and other buzzwords give the impression that the company is trendy, which doesn’t always render the best service. However, Webpop does have quite ... (Continue Reading...)

Webstarts Review

User Rating:
Visit Webstarts

When a business or an individual is ready for a website, it can seem overwhelming to take on the laborious task of designing and developing a personalized online presence. A company like Webstarts understands that the faster and easier its customers can get their website up and running, the better their experience will be. Webstarts ... (Continue Reading...)

WordPress Review

User Rating:
Visit WordPress

To say that WordPress is a popular website building solution would be a glaring understatement, given the fact that its technology is responsible for 20% of all web content. Even if you have never built a website before, you most certainly have seen its work on the Internet; whether or not you were aware of ... (Continue Reading...)

Zoho Sites Review

User Rating:
Visit Zoho Sites

Zoho Sites has worked with hundreds of thousands of people to build powerful, useful and beautiful websites that are both highly customized and easy to make. You could probably get away with making a fairly simple business website using this service and it will look like a professional site, including the mobile site. The only ... (Continue Reading...)

Zyro Review

User Rating:
Visit Zyro

Zyro has a lot to recommend, but falls too easily into the trap of not trusting its own features to sell the product, relying instead on bait and switch tactics and “technically” true claims that don’t match the assumption drawn by potential users. That’s quite a shame, really, since what they are offering would sell ... (Continue Reading...)



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