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Squarespace Video Review

The sleek design of the Squarespace company website is a clear indication of what premises it’s website building tool: clean, crisp and easy functionality. Don’t just take our word for it; Squarespace is currently offering a 14-day free trial to customers who want to get their feet wet before taking advantage of its premium services. In addition to a smooth interface, Squarespace also features some robust marketing tools – perfect for musicians, restaurant owners and other merchants who are looking to increase their brand awareness by way of a strong online presence.

For more on the marketing solutions and everything Squarespace has to offer, be sure to check out our video review below. Enjoy!

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Network Solutions Video Review

Network Solutions offers a template based interface that’s powerful enough to run your whole site, while still only charging you $2.95/month to get started. Though the price tag is impressive, it’s important to note that you’ll also have access to convenient eCommerce and SEO integration. Network Solutions even gives you comprehensive 24/7 assistance to trouble shoot any problem that arises day or night. The design features are so simple, though, that you might not even need any assistance to get up and running.

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Weebly Video Review

Living by their mission statement that everyone deserves to have a free website, Weebly will definitely attract tons of customers with its absolutely free starter package. What at first seems like a gimmick to lure in customers, though, turns out to offer one of the most widely used drag-and-drop design interfaces around. Throw in the ability to scale up as your website’s needs expand, and the intuitive features offered by Weebly start to look like a very solid choice.

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iPage Video Review

iPage is one of the most recognizable names in the crowded market of website builders. This is largely due to it’s ease-of-use and how the company combines a template-based website builder with a customization option, making the process of creating a website a cinch for both novices and those with prior experience. The $1.99 price point isn’t bad as icing on the cake, as well. Be sure to check out our full video review for iPage below to get the full scope of what this top-notch website builder could do for your unique design needs.

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1&1 Video Review

With prices that pretty much anyone could afford (starting as low as $0.99/month), 1&1 is definitely going to draw a lot of attention from people looking to get online without dropping a lot of cash. Fortunately, you’ll also have access to easy point-and-click site building that can help streamline the process for you so you don’t get lost. 1&1 pairs this simple interface with hundreds of templates to make your website builder experience as intuitive as possible, which is why they’re one of our favorite design companies.

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Web.com Video Review

Popularity isn’t everything, but when you couple 3 million clients with the very attractive introductory rate of $2.95, Web.com really begins to blow away the competition. Add this on top of the builder’s ability to scale as your website’s needs change, and you should find that there are few options out there more accommodating than Web.com. The company also boasts an impressive marketing toolkit, making reaching your target audience easier than ever. For more on these features and everything else Web.com has to offer, check out our exclusive video review below. Enjoy!

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