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If there’s a word for Dynadot, it’s “slick.” The company has gone to great lengths to smooth out and polish their service, find the exact amount that they can charge for a fair deal and just enough service to make them reliable. This produces a fairly average, but ultimately uninspiring hosting company with an additional builder rather than a builder that provides hosting. That being said, this can be a boon to people who are new to owning a website and don’t want the hassle of trying to figure out what will be best for them and how much hosting they need from the meager offerings so many builder-focused sites have. The straightforward approach works in its favor for the most part.

Ease of Use

The actual website for Dynadot is very simple to navigate and makes it very obvious how one gets started with the service. The prices are laid out and, as mentioned above, it’s clear that this is a hosting service with a web builder and not a web builder that hosts the results. That has two implications. The first is that the pricing will be simple, based on how much space, bandwidth, etc. is given rather than some arcane arrangement of pages. The other is that the builder itself will be enough to satisfy, but not impress.


The Dynadot website builder is not bad, but it’s not the focus of development, and that is clear. The interface is a little difficult to use because not a lot was put into UI design, and the options are severely limited. It’s possible to create a basic website and even have it adjusted for mobile viewing, but that’s about it. This is a good builder for people just looking to get a web presence up, but given the option it’s best to quickly move to something more professional.


Since this is ultimately the focus of the company, it’s expected that they would shine here, and they really do. There are only two inexpensive plans, but both are well priced for what the user gets and on a solid platform. Since the company has tenuously tied the hosting to the building, it requires getting the more expensive package to have anything other than simple HTML, but it’s really not very expensive and seems worth the rest of the plan.


Because of the nature of the builder, there isn’t much to say about marketing other than that it’s not a priority. The basic amounts of effort have been put into adjusting Meta tags and the like and social media integration is available on the higher level plan, but mostly marketing is gated off from the user and this can be a problem for people who are trying to start a business.

Customer Support

One thing that Dynadot did seem to really take into account was customer support. Not only are there multiple ways of reaching Support, including instant chat, email, forums, and by phone, but the blogs and onsite information are well written and very helpful.

The actual people are also very clearly well-trained and knowledgeable about their product. This seems like more than just giving them good documentation to work with: they obviously know what they’re doing and are quick to respond both for technical help and sales questions.


Other than domain sales, the primary income source for Dynadot is hosting. It has two plans, Basic Website and Advanced Users.

1. Basic Website – This plan costs $1 a month and is primarily a basic HTML website. It comes with 3GB of bandwidth and 30MB of storage, though it’s possible to buy up to 10GB/100MB for an additional $6 a year each and/or 30GB/300MB for an additional $12 each annually. Otherwise, users can host 1 domain, unlimited email accounts, a subdomain, and have access to detailed statistics.

2. Advanced Users – This plan costs $10 a month and allows a wider range of website options, including JavaScript, CSS, and Perl scripts to be added. It comes with 1 TB of bandwidth monthly and 10 GB of storage, plus unlimited domains, subdomains, and email accounts, not to mention WordPress integration.

The Good

  • Dynadot unquestionably provides good service for what it charges.

The Bad

  • There is a big jump between the level of knowledge necessary for the first plan and the second.

And The Ugly

  • The builder is just not particularly special in any way. The restrictions put on it by the first plan are unreasonable and even the advanced plan doesn’t add much to the experience.

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