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If you run a website and want to attract worldwide visitors, you will want to build a multilingual one. Think about it, if your visitors come from Europe, Asia, South America or much of the rest of the world, they will struggle to read it in English. Now, in the past, it was difficult to do anything about this, unless you wanted to write multiple versions of your site and spend hours creating a website file structure. Fortunately, with Edicy, you can create a multilingual site with ease.  Not only that, with Edicy, you can build your site, insert text and images and end up with a professional site that visitors truly enjoy.


While other options require you to learn how to code or use cumbersome WordPress or Joomla plug-ins, you can get started almost immediately with Edicy. Once you land on the home page, you can sign up and enjoy a free 30 day trial. After you sign up, you are immediately taken to the front page where you can name your project. Then, you can create new pages and choose between a front page, common page or blog post. Once you want to post content or media, all you need to do is input your information. With the bottom toolbar, you can insert forms, change the structure of your site or even use the SEO tool where you can create SEO friendly pages. Simply put, if you want a Web builder that also allows you to create a multilingual site, it doesn’t get much easier than Edicy.


Once you log in for the first time, you can create a page within seconds. The first step you will need to take is to create a name for your website. Then, after you name the project, you can click the add button in the upper left hand corner. You can choose from a new front page, common page or blog and news page. Once you select what type of page you want, you can give it a title. Then, when you name your page, you will create a URL for it and can start inputting text, images or videos. Luckily, when you build a new page, you are unlikely to struggle as you only need to know how to use the basic text editor that Edicy provides.


If you want to use Edicy, you can’t use your own servers. This isn’t necessarily a downside as you will deal with fewer compatibility issues when you host with a Web-based editor offering hosting services, and you won’t need to call tech support or worry about name server issues. No, all you need to do is contact Edicy and sign up for services. However, if you want to send and receive emails with your domain name, you are out of luck as you will need to find a third-party service. While there is no set limit for bandwidth, you must use common sense when hosting with Edicy. Finally, with Edicy, you should not sweat; with this service, your website will stay online as this provider strives to prevent data breaches and server crashes.


As you probably know, if you run a website, you can’t hope for the best when it comes to a marketing plan. No, you need a strategy, and you are in good hands with Edicy. To start, users of Edicy can help their SEO efforts by creating a blog, which Edicy provides the platform to do so. To take it further, a user can head to the settings menu and verify that all pages are optimized for SEO. Finally, one massive marketing benefit of this program is the ability to make the site in multiple languages. Not only will a site owner rise in the results for the native site, but it will also head to the top pages in multiple languages. With this and the other included features, a user can excel in marketing with Edicy.


Edicy hosts a support page answering all the basic and not-so basic questions. Furthermore, if a user is stumped, he or she can head to the support forums. Finally, if nothing is resolved, a client can also contact support directly via email. Either way, a user will enjoy a few solid support options,


Standard: For $8 a month, a customer will enjoy two gigabytes of storage, three users, 30 pages, three languages, a custom domain and design and one password protected page. For $13 a month, a user gets 10 gigabytes of storage, unlimited pages, users and languages. On top of that, a user will also enjoy a custom design, unlimited password protected pages and a catalogue of templates to choose from.


Offers multilingual support, which opens up use internationally

No hassle 30-day trial


Doesn’t allow private hosting


Could be seen as cluttered and not user friendly for some people


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