Flavors.me Review

Flavors very much wants you to think of it as the friendly, there-for-you Web builder that works at keeping it as easy as possible for you to get your website up and running. Flavors’ opening page is very clear on this and goes out of its way to guide you toward starting to build a page using its system. The truth is that the system at least pushes you in the right direction. That being said, once you get started, you’re pretty much on your own and will have to rely on the builder’s very friendly community in order to get your questions answered.

Ease of Use

The Flavors system can best be described as targeting people who aren’t very familiar with Web design or Web builders. It’s not as easy as a drag-and-drop builder would be, but it’s not astoundingly difficult either. Rather, it’s a bit restrictive in how much you can actually do, which will likely frustrate veteran website designers but should be acceptable (if not impressive) to anyone who is making his or her first website. Despite the restrictive nature of the platform, it’s still fairly easy to put together nice looking websites with very little effort. There are enough options that your website won’t look like someone elses and you can certainly upload your own pictures to use.


Almost everything on the Flavors main page leads you to the builder where you can play around and put together a site even before signing up. When you’re done, you can sign up for the service and save what you made.

The builder consists of a series of selections where you pick your layout, fill in the boxes for information and decide where certain things are going to go. The options are quite expansive and the templates are well-balanced and cleverly designed. There is no HTML access, so you don’t need to know any coding to jump right in. Multimedia integration from a number of different sources is remarkably easy to get working. This is a great way to go if you’re looking to create a hub for many different Web projects.


Flavors’ hosting plan is nothing special. The company simply offer to keep your website on its site. Specifics aren’t really given as far as storage space, bandwidth, etc. Presumably you can use as much as you need until you can’t anymore – something I doubt most users will have to deal with.


In favor of Flavors,  the integrated ability to alter Meta tags and other SEO-oriented attributes is thinking ahead. What’s really impressive is the offer of 50 free business cards (shipping is still on you) based on your site and including a QR code. It’s not the most efficient way to market a website, but it’s at least out of the box and a clever promotion for the service. Otherwise, social media marketing and minor link building systems come with even the basic service. It’s not a marketing powerhouse of a system, but Flavors covers its bases well and are clearly looking for a fresh angle.

Customer Support

This is where Flavors really falls flat. The company seems to be basing its customer service on a forum, with a knowledge base to answer common questions and a series of places where you can discuss site problems with the community. Some people would praise the company for saving on costs by encouraging users who have experienced particular issues to help their peers who find themselves in similar predicaments, but this seems a tad bit lazy. Flavors does have representatives monitoring the forums, but this is the least efficient way to solve a problem. It’s impersonal, unreliable and a manifestation of the mindset that if the system is friendly enough, the people behind it never have to show up.


Pricing is very easy with Flavors. There are only two plans available: Free and Premium.

Free: The free system has the same basic components as the Premium one, just a little less of it. You have a number of good looking layouts, fonts, social media integration, share buttons, etc. About the only thing you don’t get is the ability to have a custom domain name and a mobile-optimized site.

Premium: With this plan, which costs $20 per year, you get a mobile site, more layouts, more colors, more fonts…just more of everything. If you want a custom domain name you can get one of those as well, though it costs a little extra to buy the URL if you don’t have it already.

The Good

• This is a good system that gives you a lot no cost

• You can create a test website before signing up

The Bad

• The system is a bit restrictive as far as actual design goes.

And The Ugly

• The customer support is very limited



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