How to Become a Web Design Entrepreneur


If you enjoy the prospect of being your own boss and maintaining creative flexibility, the idea of becoming a web design entrepreneur may appeal to you. Whether you have had experience working as a web designer in the past or you are interested in launching an entirely new career, there are a few things to be aware of in order to make sure your business endeavor is as successful as possible.

Stay on Top of the Latest Design Trends

In the world of web design, trends can change quickly. In order to ensure that your business is as competitive as possible and that you are able to provide your customers with the best service, it is vital that you stay on top of the latest design trends. This will often mean subscribing to industry newsletters and attending conferences that will allow you to be aware of the latest changes in the industry as they occur.

Have the Right Tools of the Trade

If you are considering starting your own web design business, you need to have the right tools. The good news is that launching your career as a web design entrepreneur does not need to cost a lot of money. You will need a computer with Internet access and a printer. You may also find it helpful to have a scanner. In the past, when you wanted to begin a career as a web designer, you would also typically need graphics and HTML editing software, but that is no longer the case. There are numerous website building tools out there that can give you the ability to build professional looking websites without the need to purchase a lot of expensive software. and are just two such examples that can give you as much control as you desire over the design process, thus enabling you to produce very professional looking websites for your clients.

Price your Services Competitively

Make no mistake about it; web design services can be a lucrative business opportunity, but prices can vary, so take the time to research the market in your area.

Market Your Business

Regardless of the type of business you plan to start, it is important to market that business and this is no less true with a web design business. In this industry, you will likely find that most clients will want to see some examples of your work prior to hiring you. This is completely understandable, but you may be at a loss as to how you should provide samples if you do not have any previous work history as a web designer. One option would be to volunteer to design websites for friends and family members for free in exchange for being able to use those websites as part of your professional portfolio. This is a great way to quickly build a portfolio so that you have something to show prospective clients when they ask to see examples. You will find that there are numerous ways in which you can market your business, particularly by leveraging online resources. Among the best ways in which you can market your business, include advertising on your own website, becoming active in social media and online communities, and using traditional advertising methods, such as print ads and with business cards. You may also find that operating a client referral incentive program is a good way to bring in business.

Provide Stellar Customer Service

With so many online tools now available, many clients could opt to design their own webpage but still choose to hire someone to do it for them because they have neither the time nor the inclination to handle it on their own. This means that it is even more important to ensure that you provide exceptional experience and customer service to your customers. Begin by taking the time to meet with your clients, either in person or online, to find out exactly what it is that they want in a website. The final result should be as individual as the client and their business. Follow-up with your client during the design process to ensure that you are on the right track. Once the project is complete, meet with your client once again to ensure that the final result is everything they had hoped it would be. In order to encourage loyalty and repeat business, continue to follow up with your client to determine if they need any further assistance. Many clients might opt to have you manage their website for them or might even need future websites designed.

Launching your own business as web design entrepreneur might sound somewhat intimidating at first, but thanks to the plethora of new web design tools now available and a little initiative, it is possible to build a rewarding and lucrative career.

Posted on Wednesday, January 28th, 2015