How to Create Effective Landing Pages

shutterstock_179853431If you have heard the term ‘landing page’ in regards to online marketing, you may have wondered what it is, whether you need one and how to create an effective one. Also sometimes known as a lead capture page, a landing page is simply a single webpage that will appear when a user clicks on an SEO optimized search result or the link in an online advertisement. Landing pages typically display sales copy that is an extension of the link, search result or ad. In many instances, landing pages are linked from email campaigns, social media or search engine marketing campaigns.

Generally, the goal of a landing page is to convert visitors into leads or sales. You can use the conversion rate or click-through rate as part of the process of analyzing the activity generated by a URL linked to a landing page to determine the effectiveness of the ad. While a website is highly effective in terms of online marketing, you still need an effective method for converting visitors who make their way to your website into leads. Landing pages can be used to help you do that.

Landing Page Benefits

A landing page often forms the first part of a successful sales funnel. As such, landing pages offer a number of important benefits to your marketing and lead generation efforts, including:

• The Ability to Easily Generate Leads-By sending social media, email, and search engine traffic to a landing page, you can capture leads at a much higher rate. 

• Acts As a Collection Tool-Landing pages and marketing offers work in tandem. The basic goal is to require visitors to pay for something valuable, such as an offer, with contact information. Your landing page works as the collections tool for that contact and lead generation information.

• Gain Insight into Prospects-The more insight you have into your prospects, the better you can target them with interesting offers. Landing pages give you tremendous insight into demographic information as well as helping you to understand which leads are more engaged.

How Do Landing Pages Work from a Marketing Standpoint?

Landing pages work by allowing you to capture a visitor’s information. This is done through the use of a lead-capture form or conversion form. An effective landing page should target a particular audience. Landing pages can be built to allow visitors to redeem marketing offers, such as coupons, free trials, etc. You can also use landing pages to give visitors the opportunity to download content, such as webinars, eBooks and more. With landing pages, you can target your audience and then give them a valuable offer, thus converting a higher percentage of visitors into leads while simultaneously capturing important information about those visitors.

To take full advantage of the benefits offered by a landing page, you need to understand the key ingredients. The key components of an effective landing page include:

• Headline-An effective headline should sum up the offer clearly and concisely.
• Copy-The text on the landing page should explain the offer’s value in a simple but compelling manner.
• Keywords-As is the case with any marketing content, it is important to use keywords strategically.
• Social Sharing Buttons-Give visitors the ability to share your landing page on their social networks.
• Lead-Capture or Conversion Form-This form provides a place for visitors to submit information in exchange for the offer, thus converting them into sales leads.

Tips for Creating an Effective Landing Page

In addition to including the elements above, it is important to follow a few best practices to make sure that your landing page works as effectively as possible. First, make sure that you limit navigation. Do not distract your visitors. Ensure that the number of exits from your landing page is as limited as possible. In addition, make certain that what you offer on your landing page is truly of value in order to encourage your visitors to provide their contact information. Also, keep it short and simple. The longer a landing page, the more difficult it makes the lead conversion process. While the process of building an effective landing page may sound somewhat daunting from a technical standpoint that does not have to be the case. There are actually many great tools available that can help you to take advantage of the marketing power offered by a landing page.

Two options that you might wish to consider when building a landing page are and 1&1. Both of these options make it very easy to build a landing page and get it up and running quickly. offers a variety of options, including the ability to have them do it for you or handle it on your own, while 1&1 offers an extensive selection of templates. With the right help, building an effective landing page does not have to be difficult or time-consuming.

Posted on Thursday, October 9th, 2014