How to Select the Best Web Builder Package

Website builder packages have made it easier to build a website even if you do not have any previous experience. With a website builder, you can build a professional looking website in just minutes without the need to pay a small fortune to a website designer or wait for them to complete the design. While website builder packages offer a number of advantages, one problem that you may encounter is trying to sort through all of the many providers and options available.

Choice and More Choices

When sorting through the many choices available, it can be easy to become overwhelmed. Not only is it a problem to choose a provider, but then you must sort through all of the many options offered by that provider. It’s no wonder that so many people experience decision paralysis.

What Are Your Needs?

In order to make the decision process easier, you may find it helpful to first sit down and consider your needs when it comes to a website building package. This will help to ensure you get everything you need without paying for services that you will not use. Think about the purpose of your website and what you plan to do with it. For instance, is the goal to provide information? Are you building a personal website? Do you plan to launch an e-commerce site and offer products or services for sale? The purpose of your website can play an integral role in determining the services you will need for your site.

In many instances, website building packages are divided into different plans. The benefit of this is that you are able to choose a plan that offers the services you need without worrying about spending money on services that you will never need. While price is naturally an important consideration for many people when searching for a website building package, it is also vital that you ensure the package that you select has everything that you need. BuildYourWebsite is an example of a neat 3-tier package system that provides you with a lot of bang for your buck.

One of the most important elements to consider when comparing website builder packages is ease of use. With BuildYourWebsite, for example, you are able to benefit from a simple point-and-click solution that helps you to design and publish a professional website even if you do not have any development or technical skills. It is also important to consider the options available for designs. Some website builder tools will provide you with only a few options. This can seriously inhibit creativity and make it difficult to update your website in the future, if you would like to do so. BuildYourWebsite offers more than 4,000 template designs that you can customize to suit your specific industry or products. This makes it much easier to design a cohesive website that will complement your business logo.

Marketing is also important when considering the features that come with your website building tool. Today, it is not simply enough to build a great website and hope that visitors will find it. You also need to market your website. Built-in marketing makes it much easier to do that. BuildYourSite provides a comprehensive marketing system, including search engine submission and other promotional tools. Built-in analytics make it possible to check in on your site’s ranking and even compare it to competitors so that you are able to make adjustments as needed. Social integration is another important area to consider, especially given the influence that social platforms can have on driving traffic. With social media integration, you can maximize your site’s impact on platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. With this type of integration, you do not need to worry about finding and integrating a lot of third-party widgets. Everything already there and ready for you to use.

One element that many people forget to factor into their website is hosting. Along with building your website, you also need a hosting service to keep it online. Hosting options can vary significantly depending on the company that you choose. BuildYourSite makes it easy to get your website online by providing hosting service at no additional charge. As a result, you receive everything you need to publish your website and host it online for one price. A free domain name is also included with the cost of your package plan.

BuildYourSite breaks pricing down into three tiers, which makes it easy to choose the package that is best for your needs and your budget. If you are just getting started, the starter package may be a good place to begin. BuildYourSite also offers two other plans, a professional plan and an e-commerce plan. The latter is generally a good option if you need the benefit of an advanced shopping cart and forms builder.

Posted on Monday, October 20th, 2014