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Kickoff Labs isn’t afraid to demonstrate its system on its very own website. The company doesn’t  just want to help you build a website; Kickoff Labs wants you to build a marketing system that will get you leads and has focused its entire builder around doing just that. The company website is aggressive and works pretty well, actually. Kickoff Labs has a good sense of how to market online and seems to be willing to help you do the same.

Ease of Use

Kickoff Labs is remarkably easy to use for what it is, which is purely a lead generation builder. It’s not meant to build full websites; it’s meant to create landing pages, which encourage people to sign up for newsletters and more information. For that, it couldn’t be easier to design something that matches your company’s aesthetic.

The hardest part is wading through the countless attempts to acquiesce users into upgrading or paying extra for additional services that are littered over every page. If it’s not offers for an upgrade, it’s offers to join web seminars on how to optimize your campaigns and landing pages. While these are not bad things, per se, the sheer aggression with which Kickoff Labs tries to push it on you is off-putting in a way unseen on its landing page. This is not to say you might not get valuable information from the bulk of this site, but rather that it’s a bit in your face when you’re trying to make a landing page.


Building is quite easy. You start by choosing from a number of themes for launch announcements, lead generation, contests, or sales pages. They all look good and there is a variety of choices. Once you do that, the interface is mostly just clicking around. You can choose where something is going to go, choose what you want to go there from a menu on the site, and move on. Publishing takes one click and your new page is online. You have no access to code unless you use a higher-level plan and much of the system is very limiting. Nevertheless, if you keep in mind that you’re only creating single pages to promote your business, this makes a lot of sense.


Kickoff Lab’s hosting option is really just the ability to keep an unlimited amount of landing pages on its servers, as well as use its email marketing system when you have the correct plans for that. It’s not bad and it will get the job done. There’s nothing special about the hosting plan, but nothing really needs to be.


This is really the crowning achievement of the Kickoff Labs system. Not only does it have marketing options, it is a marketing option. It is made to help build leads, create databases for email marketing and generally tries to get as much attention online as possible.

To start, Kickoff Labs makes creating landing pages (where people can sign up for additional marketing and contact) very easily. Its email marketing system is very well conceived and executed, and their referral generation system is absolutely top-notch. Kickoff Labs has detailed analytics that you can get a lot out of and have SEO options that really get to the heart of search engine rankings.

Customer Support

Customer support is not bad, but certainly not as codified as other parts of the website. The higher-level plans include  “concierge” service in setting up your website, but really it ought to come standard. That being said, Kickoff Labs has a well-stocked knowledge database with tutorials and videos to help you out, as well as giving you the ability to contact support through email, phone, and Twitter. The representatives  know what they’re talking about and don’t try to rush you off the phone.


Kickoff Labs is keeping things simple with three plans, all of which you can try for a month for free. All pages come with unlimited landing pages and visitors, as well as a number of layouts, forms, and email support, if you need it. Higher levels tend to open up more stuff.

Starter: $29 a month, which includes a handful of templates, one custom domain, and email support. It’s not bad, but it’s not great.

Premium: Now you have five custom domains, phone support opened up, email marketing a part of the plan, custom HTML and CSS availability, and easy able to publish to WordPress and Facebook. All of these things become options at $49 a month.

Business: With this you can now have twenty custom domains, as well as everything you got in Premium plus, an hour of private coaching and, multiple users for $99 a month.

The Good

• This is a strong service for online marketing

•  You can try all plans for a month free

The Bad

• It’s only really a service for online marketing, nothing else

And The Ugly

• The constant attempts to up-sell you are obvious and unseemly



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