Launch Rock Review

Launch Rock has a rock and roll theme and wants very much for you to believe that it’s a cool, hip website building platform. That being said, after exploration, you should find that Launch Rock has a respectable builder and business strategy that might actually help people to get ready for a product or business launch. While it has its drawbacks, considering that it’s just for making interactive landing pages, it’s actually a pretty good service that provides a jumping off point to larger marketing efforts.

Ease of Use

This is probably the biggest drawback to the service. While it is fairly easy to create a landing page and get it up and running, there are some interface problems that make it harder than it has to be and will take at least a few minutes of playing around to figure everything out. It appears Launch Rock thought its builder was more intuitive than it actually is. Signup is at least incredibly simple, involving just putting in an email address and password then being brought right to the builder. Once you get it all complete, launching your site takes one mouse click.


When you first sign up you can choose from a number of templates. From there, you continue to make choices, but the interface takes a while to understand and there is no indication of what choices you have to make to get the progress bar to move up. Some choices affect it, some don’t, and you just have to keep going through and guessing until you reach 100%

One of the best things about the Launch Rock builder, however, is that it gives you full access to the HTML, CSS, and Javascript code. This is a huge deal, especially for a free service, to give the user so much access. It speaks well not only of Launch Rock’s trust, but also that it is targeting more advanced web designers, something few companies bother with. More than that, Launch Rock also makesw a mobile version of the landing page you’ve created so that you can reach people on cell phones and tablets with a consistent look and operational structure.


This is probably the easiest part of Launch Rock. It will host several landing pages on its servers for free, both a standard and a mobile version. There really is nothing else to it. You can use your own URL or get a subdomain for free if you choose.


This is where Launch Rock is planning on making its money. The company makes sure that it creates landing pages with proper meta tags and even allow you to alter them as you see fit, but for the most part they want you to use the marketing service that they offer. There are no prices listed on the page, and you have to request a quote instead. This approach makes sense for SEO companies, but feels a bit strange for a landing page builder. Your page itself is designed with the best available marketing built into it, which is good, but anything beyond that you’ll have to take care of for yourself or pay Launch Rock to do.

Customer Support

Launch Rock’s customer support isn’t bad, but it’s not the best. The Knowledge Base isn’t terrible, but the articles inside are also not very specific and don’t go step by step. This might stem from the creators again assuming that their system is much more intuitive than it really is. The only way to contact support is through a form on their site. It took an hour or two for support to get back, but they were friendly and professional once they did. Despite the time, they were able to solve a number of problems quickly and without just pointing to documentation.


Free for building and hosting, and further services require a quote based on your specific needs.

The Good

The landing pages look good once they’re up.

The addition of mobile versions is really exciting.

The Bad

Customer Service needs to be quicker and have more ways of contact

And The Ugly

The Launch Rock builder isn’t nearly as intuitive as Launch Rock makes it appear to be


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