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When you first go to the Lifeyo website, you can tell that they are a site that is serious and wants to be a major contender in the online Web building market. Unfortunately, it’s pretty clear from even a little bit of digging on their site that they’re not quite ready for primetime, and it’s important that they get some things straight before moving forward. Their system isn’t bad, but it’s hard to tell what to expect and there are some pretty clear bugs that need to get worked out before this site can be reliably used.


It’s easy to fine where to start a free fourteen day trial without a credit card. Being willing to give it a shot, I clicked on it and was immediately impressed that it gave me the option of what sort of website I was looking to make — personal, business, blogging, and portfolio — as well as a number of themes so that when I started building my website I would have something reasonably close to what I wanted to end up with. That being said, once I made my choices there was no place to go. I watched the introductory video and saw that there should be a large “Continue” button at the top, but it seems that it wasn’t working in Firefox. Nor did it appear in Chrome. In IE, it finally showed up, but by that point I was already frustrated. The system itself, once you get in to use it, isn’t bad. It’s fairly simple to use and doesn’t try to guide you too much, but what an incredible pain to get there.


Actually building with the Lifeyo system is decent. Again, it’s nice that they help you start with a layout that matches the purpose of your website, and once you’re in you can change almost anything with only a few mouse clicks. Adding and adjusting images is as simple as it would be on your desk top and integrating social media doesn’t take much effort at all. There is no access to HTML based on the idea that there is no need to, and for the most part that’s true. Experienced web developers may chafe a little bit at the idea that they don’t have as much control as they would like, but you can get a reasonably professional site done as well as a quick personal one.


Lifeyo has a pretty standard hosting plan. You build you website, click the “publish” button, and get all of your pages on a subdomain of There’s nothing particularly special about that other than that the basic plan gives you unlimited pages (though only one website) and one gigabyte of space, which is admittedly quite a bit compared to similar sites. The five MB per file upload is a little strange as far as restrictions go. I understand trying to limit bandwidth usage to keep prices down, but this is a strange way to go about it.


There is nothing about Lifeyo that really stands out as far as marketing goes other than they do have an excellent suite of website stat tracking. Otherwise, there are no specific features that assist in marketing.


I was not impressed with Customer Support in the slightest. It’s not that they weren’t professional, but I consistently got the impression that they wanted my problem to be one that they were more familiar with. For example, when I asked about my inability to access the initial trial, they kept coming back to using IE as a solution. I explained that if I was going to use this regularly that I would like to use Firefox, but that seemed to be ignored in email exchanges. I want to figure out how to make it work for me, not do inconvenient work arounds.


This is the most disturbing part, and where I think an idea was abandoned somewhere along the way.

On the Tour page, there is a section titled “Always Free” and followed with the words, “We want everyone to be able to use LIFEYO. No Ads. No spam.” However, nothing on the rest of the page indicates that anything is free other than the initial fourteen day trial. Either they aren’t aware of what the words “always” and “free” mean, or there was a time when Lifeyo was supposed to have a free option this is an artifact from that time that ought to be changed immediately.

The actual pricing is fairly cheap, with the following plans:

Basic: $8 a month and including 1 website, unlimited pages, 1 gig of storage, and five Megs per upload file.

Silver: $12 a month and including 3 websites, unlimited pages, and 2 gigs of storage, and ten Megs per upload file.

Gold: $15 a month with 10 websites, unlimited pages, 5 gigs of storage, and 45 Megs per upload file.


Totes a powerful and easy to use builder


It’s important to get rid of promises of a free service when there clearly isn’t one


Trouble starting in Firefox and Chrome


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