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LightCMS provides a consistently positive website building experience right out of the gate, and its hundreds of thousands of customers can likely attest to that. LightCMS has the sort of “hip” vibe to it that would appeal to artists, restaurateurs and creative types, but also provides more straight-edge clientele the opportunity to create fantastic websites that really stand out from other website solutions. Its web-based solution requires no web design experience, but it would certainly help to have some background in design, given its somewhat advanced interface. Geared for intermediate to advanced users, LightCMS probably isn’t going to lure many novice users.


It wouldn’t require a lot of experience, but LightCMS uses a website building interface that will quickly get frustrating for beginners. Personal website builders that are creating simple photo galleries with few pages can quickly put together a site, but having some photo-editing experience might be enough to help users navigate the design/editing mode that LightCMS implements. That said, the interface is not going to deter most users, thanks to the robust functionality like drag and drop for adding design elements and overall page layout. The web-based development really doesn’t take a lot of getting used to, and works in real-time to give you immediate feedback on your website’s development. In fact, once you have the basic functionality of the interface down, LightCMS shows its true colors as a sleek and contoured website building program that rivals some of the best on the market.


LightCMS has a gallery of templates that will be pleasing to users of all types, and all templates are fully customizable so that there is something for everyone. Crafting a template that suits your personal or business needs can be easily done using the Design mode, which allows you to add, move and modify any design element. Change fonts for text boxes, resize images, change background colors and add shopping cart elements through LightCMS’ Photoshop-like user interface. Drop-down options can be a little difficult to locate at first, but will soon become second-nature for those users that are patient enough to seek them out. For more advanced users, you can forego the built-in editor that allows you to drag and drop elements, and edit the code directly. The Shopping Cart mode is a handy tool that helps you add products and display them on your eCommerce site in the best possible light. Another really nice feature allows you to manage the Users options to control who has the rights and privileges to access and edit the website. You can add users and set admin rights through a simple and straightforward interface.


A well-designed website isn’t going to help you get visitors. In order to get traffic to your website, you have to market your website, and LightCMS provides a powerful set of tools to help you set, accomplish and track marketing goals. The importance of bringing you the right visitors is another facet of marketing that SEO (search engine optimization) can do for you. Higher search rankings make your website more visible and LightCMS gives you the necessary tools to enable your site for page-level meta descriptions, analytics integration, automated XML sitemaps and other marketing features that will set your website above the others.


Customer support can be an area of business where companies refuse to invest the adequate amount of financial and human resources. With so much information available via video tutorials, community groups, and discussion forums, many companies draw the line there, and it can alienate a lot of customers. LightCMS does not exactly separate themselves from the competition by offering a stunning campaign of customer service, but it does provide a satisfactory customer service experience via its support portal. Send support tickets via email to get assistance with general questions or specific technical issues you may be experiencing. However, you would be better suited to browse the provided FAQ for common questions if your issue is of a more general nature.


Personal: $19/month for 10 pages, 1GB storage and 100 products.

Standard: $29/month for 25 pages, 3GB storage and 1000 products.

Premium: $49/month for 50 pages, 6GB storage and 2500 products.

Professional: $69/month for 100 pages, 12GB storage and 5000 products.

Unlimited: $99/month for unlimited pages, storage and products.


Advanced users can bypass the built-in editor and get under the hood for some serious code-editing


Not a beginner-friendly application, but should still appeal to a wide audience


LightCMS claims to provide a high level of customer service, but it seems to simply meet expectations, not exceed



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