Need Design Inspiration for Your New Website?

shutterstock_135244463Whether it’s making music, writing literature or building a website, it’s safe to say that most forms of creation are contingent upon some level of inspiration. Perhaps we don’t realize it at the time, but even “new” ideas are often rooted in familiar ground. So, as you’re sitting there starring at the blank canvas of your future website, realize that it’s something your favorite artists have grappled with, too.

Luckily for you, there are tons of resources online ready to trigger your imagination; there’s an ocean of opportunity for site creators who may not have the slightest idea about what they want as their website’s color scheme, brand logo, font style, mobile layout, etc. The process of building a website doesn’t begin with these specifics; they’re more importantly the measures of how well you can execute your website’s purpose. That being said, what sparked your decision to create a website? What’s the brand behind it? Having a solid understanding of purpose will make the design process all the merrier. Once you get there, here are ways you can gain inspiration for your site’s design:

Like-Minded Websites

One of the more obvious avenues for stirring your creativity could be finding websites with a similar bottom-line and integrating some of their design techniques. If you plan on building a review website for 80’s cult-classic films, maybe do a quick Google search for “80’s movie review blog” and start discovering what’s already out there. You’ll be surprised by how eclectic the design process can be and may begin opening your mind to new design possibilities and associations that weren’t available prior.

You should also visit some of your favorite websites and begin asking yourself why you like them. These can be unassociated with your bottom-line and can be used to peel-away at the wad of ideas racing through your head and organize them more effectively. Make sure these sites are a combination of small and big sites, because scale is something you’d want to consider when you begin building. What makes these bigger sites so effective? What’s the gem that makes these smaller sites sparkle?

Design Templates

Let’s say you’ve found the inspiration, but aren’t sure how to piece everything together visually; or perhaps you’re a novice webmaster and aren’t apt to getting your vision out onto your virtual canvas. In such cases, it might be best to consult the design templates offered by a professional website building tool., for example offers hundreds of design layouts and free templates that could satisfy even the most tailored needs. Its do-it-yourself website builder issues you firm control over your site while putting tons of customizable designs at your disposal. Weebly is another top pick for web design needs, offering users a myriad of templates laid out by industry and taste. Do you need something corporate? Something toned-down and simple? Weebly should have a solution for you.

At the end of the day, just know you’re not alone in this process. There’s a website for everything these days, and while this could mean more time being put into your site’s marketing effort, the design aspect shouldn’t be as daunting a task.  Just get out there and see what a few good resources could do for your new website.

Posted on Wednesday, August 27th, 2014