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When looking to build a small and beautiful one page website for a business, you need to consider OnePager. With this sleek and powerful website builder, you can log in and start building a new site within minutes. This is in stark contrast to your other options where you will take hours to code a site by hand or use a content management system like WordPress or Joomla. Whether you want to edit content, put up a new menu or even host product videos, you will not struggle with OnePager. And, with the admin panel and included support, you will never run into issues you can’t fix quickly.


All-too-often, a business owner will not know how to build a website. When running into this issue, it’s easy to give up or pay a programmer thousands of dollars. Fortunately, with OnePager, you can, within a few minutes, build a practical one page site people will truly enjoy and find useful. Once you enter your company name and tagline, you can upload an image and edit the body of your page. On the bottom of your page, you can tweak the theme, styles or layout. Once done, you can save your content and publish it on the host provided by OnePager.


As mentioned, it’s not difficult to get started building your pages. Once you sign up, which only takes a minute, you can name your page, insert content and add videos, pictures or menus. Of course, with dozens of templates to choose from, you will not have any difficulty finding a pre-configured one meeting your unique wants and needs. Then, once you choose the theme, layout and style, you can save your work and publish it to your website. If you encounter any problems on the way, you can read the user guide or contact customer support.


While other Web-based editors offer some hosting, OnePager steps up the game and you will enjoy reliable cloud hosting and unlimited bandwidth. In fact, if you want to host a one page website, you can’t go wrong with the included hosting platform as you can easily make changes, update your settings and publish your website with ease. Unfortunately, if you crave more services like email, you will need to head elsewhere as OnePager doesn’t provide this to clients. Of course, you can also invest in a third-party solution for your email needs.


Now, if you run a one page website, you will need to spend plenty of time marketing it. Otherwise, if you don’t take advantage of offsite marketing techniques, you will struggle.  Fortunately, with OnePager, you can insert Meta descriptions, titles and keywords onto your pages. Also, to track your visitors and understand trends, you can easily set up and use Google Analytics.

With a one page site, it’s important to write powerful content and take advantage of the Meta descriptions, keywords and page titles. Otherwise, if you don’t, your site will suffer. On top of that, if you really want to succeed, you will need to use social media and other methods as OnePager doesn’t offer enough, especially if you don’t host much content.


If you run into issues setting up OnePager, you are not out of luck. You can send a quick email and resolve your problem within hours. However, it’s an easy platform to use, and you probably won’t’ struggle to update your page and upload it to the server. Luckily, you can avoid most issues if you read the provided guides and check out the how-to videos.


OnePager offers a few plans, depending on your needs:

Starter: $8 a month and you can create one website. On top of that, you can create one newsletter a month and enjoy tech support via email.

Plus: $15 a month. With the plus plan you can create five websites and send out 20 newsletters a month. You can also contact support via email.

Premium: $29 a month. With this plan you can create 20 websites and 20 additional users. At the same time, you can send out 40 newsletters a month and priority tech support.

Agency: Finally, if you want to host a lot of sites, check out the Agency plan. With this plan, you can host 150 websites for $199 a month. You will also enjoy 150 additional users and unlimited newsletters. At this level, you also get free priority tech support so you can resolve issues quickly.


OnePager offers simple e-commerce solutions other web-based editors don’t

Themes are completely mobile-responsive


OnePager only includes 16 pre-configured themes


If you want a website with more than one page, you are out of luck


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