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A website is a marketing tool at its core, perhaps even more so when it comes to the websites for website builders. When one goes to such a site, it’s expected that the company will be attempting to show off what the product offers, meaning that these websites tend to be a little strange.Based on the Pikock website, there is a clear idea of what can be accomplished with that particular builder. While it’s not the greatest website of its kind, it certainly has a number of benefits that make it worth using, many of which are clear from the first touch.


The drag and drop system that Pikock offers is easy to use, if a bit simplistic. A user can very simply get going within minutes of sign up without any problems and start to make a basic website. In fact, it would be easy to make a number of pages rapidly so long as they weren’t particularly complex. The templates, while not numerous, are well designed: sleek and modern for the most part, ready for a business to create a professional look. They are also very easy to work within the system.


Building a website is a breeze. Pikock makes it very simple to start with a blank page and then just place items as you go. The system is a bit simple, restricting where things can be placed in a number of cases and not really having access to a lot of options that would make processes easier for persons more experienced in HTML and CSS.

Pikock is clearly a builder designed for rank beginners – people who don’t know what they’re doing but do have a general idea of the look they want. The tools the builder provides could be useful for anyone, however, with image editing and layout problems easily found and fixed by the system itself. Integrating a blog is also a big benefit to this builder, since many competitors make their codes very difficult to slide into an existing website.


Both plans come with hosting – the basic at a subdomain on pikock.me and the more advanced with a normal URL. That being said, if the user has a domain name already, it’s easy to integrate the website built through Pikock into the URL. Unlimited storage is a nice touch, as well, though there appears to be no word on the website whether bandwidth is the same.


One thing that stands out about Pikock is that the company does seem to have a conception of SEO and why it would be important to its customers, especially since there isn’t a free option available. Not only are there SEO tools integrated into the builder, there is also free SEO advice that a user can get from the company itself. It is also remarkably easy to integrate social media into websites created in Pikock, not only making them available to viewers of the website, but also signing into accounts so as to advertise appropriately.


The Pikock website is a little confusing in that when one goes to the “Support” page, they are given a number of videos on the basics of using the system and how to go about doing SEO with it. While this isn’t bad information, it’s hardly support in the traditional sense. Going to the Contact Us page is a slightly better options, considering the attached email form. On the plus side, support was able to answer questions very quickly, usually within an hour, and were helpful every time. It would be nice to have more options than just email, but the company makes it work.


There are two plans available from Pikock:

1. $2 a month – This plan allows the user to create a single page website and host it on a subdomain. It’s a bit limited, but it comes with most of the features one could hope for.

2. $20 a month – This plan includes everything in the $2 plan, but it also allows unlimited web pages, menus, widgets that change on every page when altered, and an annual SEO audit.


Pikock offers quite a bit of features at low cost.

The SEO driven materials were unexpectedly detailed and helpful.


More customer service options would be nice.


Users are given no indication in advance on how much bandwidth they will have available for the price.


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