Rebel Mouse Web Builder Review

Never before has a good service been hidden as well as Rebel Mouse. The company’s initial website leaves the average user entirely perplexed as to what is actually done there, and the videos that accompany it do nothing to alleviate that confusion. This is remarkably sad since the Rebel Mouse platform is one of the more innovative and useful available to create hubs for marketing networks and aggregator websites.

Ease of Use

Ease of use is the place that needs the most work. It’s not incredibly difficult to use Rebel Mouse and, in fact, much of it is designed to be automated, but initially setting up that automation is confusing and inadequately explained on the page. Just trying to figure out what is possible is a challenge inside of the platform, and the introductory email is probably the best location to find information on what is available and where to start looking. A lack of intuitive design present can unintentionally lock users out of services they can use. Once you get things set up, though, much of the site is automated, including creating a daily newsletter based on the information that you aggregated that day and sending it to followers.


Building is not only easy, it’s actually open to almost any concept. Rebel Mouse offers a number of layout templates to choose from, as well as the ability to use your own custom layout. The system gives the user access to the CSS code for a theme as well as some very effective and small explanations of what to change if you are unfamiliar with it to alter specific aspects of the page. This is surprisingly trusting and useful to the average user, even if they have little to no experience.

From there, you can set up automated feeds to aggregate information based on certain sites or keywords, share on social media, or you can post stuff yourself manually. Further, you can turn your social media posts into posts on your site and have them automatically update. It’s very easy once you get it all started, and the building aspect of it relies more on setting rule values and allowing it to do its work.


Hosting appears to be as simple as signing up and creating as many sites as you would like with unlimited bandwidth and either a custom URL or one at[yourname]. It can only be assumed since this is not laid out anywhere on the Rebel Mouse site, and there is no place to ask about it. From what it appears, this seems like an excellent deal and one well worth signing up for to try at least.


The Rebel Mouse platform was built for marketing. It pulls together many different ways of reaching people and makes them easier to use simultaneously than any system since Hootsuite. Its pages not only make it easy to pull together information but also to blast it out. The automated creation of a newsletter based on the day’s posts is excellent, and the ability to share across multiple networks through your page can be very useful. The platform also employs high quality SEO in their code. Users cannot access it, but this is probably for the best since the system seems to know what it is doing.

Customer Service

As far as can be told, there is none. If there is, it is so well hidden that it cannot be found conveniently, something that could be a real problem for a person already trying to work out an issue. The only contact information to be found easily is the form to fill out if a user is interested in upgrading, which is not only poor service but poor optics. It makes Rebel Mouse look like it is only interested in its customers when there is a product to be sold.


Pricing is hidden and confusing. The company appears to offer an upgraded plan that implies it would cost more, though no price has been given for the basic plan and nothing asked for to secure payment, so those interested are left to assume that the basic plan is free. Except that it is called a “free trial,” implying that there are costs. You must submit yourself as a lead to the Rebel Mouse sales department to even get a price for the upgraded plan, likely because it’s easier to sell to somebody you have direct contact with. It does not bode well for the price to service ratio.

The Good

  • This is a great platform with really fantastic marketing options and boundless potential
  • Fresh perspective on the possibilities through web webuilding

The Bad

  • The website and interface rarely give the user any direction and are not very intuitive

And The Ugly

  • One cannot help but feel like the website was unfinished

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