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Rocketspark understands that the best way to get a builder to work for customers is to provide integration and simplicity. For this reason, its sites are fairly basic, but utilize basic design in order to look good and, more importantly, work with other business applications to make it easier to get as much use as possible from the site. Overall, this is one of the better builders available and, though there is no free option, there is not anything that can be stripped from it that would make a free option feasible.


There is very little about this particular builder that isn’t highly intuitive or consciously helpful to the user. From the very beginning, the user uploads their logo and the builder will analyze the colors used in it and suggest a color scheme for the website that it will go on.

The drag and drop interface is very simple to use, and the system doesn’t restrict user movements when it comes to placing things. All plans also come with a mobile website that updates with the regular one so that users always have the same information going to both mobile and desktop viewers.

Another thing that is nice is that when Rocketspark makes changes to what it offers, those changes can be instantly integrated into established sites, making upgrades a snap.


Building websites with Rocketspark couldn’t be easier, but it is something that is largely for people who are unused to making a site. The system doesn’t allow code access to people building sites, so those who are used to being able to make simple changes in the HTML or CSS may find it a bit frustrating, and there’s no way to consciously work the SEO on the back-end.

That being said, it’s a fairly standard drag and drop interface that looks at a website in terms of a series of “blocks” that can be added by the user and manipulated. The user interface to access those blocks is very intuitive and easy to understand, making it pretty simple to integrate new things into a site.


Actual hosting is pretty simple to deal with. Space is unlimited for users as is bandwidth per month, both of which are excellent. Unlike other sites that provide a subdomain and an option for a full URL to be mapped onto it, Rocketspark just provides a domain name with its service, making things much simpler.

The servers are in New Zealand where the company is based, but they are reasonably fast, and even a US based company should have no problems with speed.


While there is no option to directly manipulate the HTML to improve SEO efforts, the company does offer a number of tools in order to better be picked up by search engines, including one that will help pick the best title and description tag text in order to go up in rank on Google and Bing.

There is also full, easy social media integration with any site built through this service, so it’s nice to have that option.


The support options provided by Rocketspark are not bad, though they are clearly focused on helping develop sites rather than solving problems that may come up. There is a phone number both for in and out of New Zealand as well as an email contact form. It’s also possible to contact them for help with designing a new page, which is probably their best feature and well worth the time it takes.

Otherwise, the Rocketspark representatives responded quickly and intelligently. Users are in safe hands with them.


All prices are listed in New Zealand dollars seeing as how exchange rates may make them fluctuate periodically.
Business Website – For $49 a month, users get access to unlimited storage, access to the builder, phone and email support, 10 pages with the option to request more for free, two mailboxes, 10 products, connections with shopping services, and 0% transaction fees.

Online Shop – For $69 a month, users get everything in the above plan, but with 800 products that can be listed.

Large Shop – The number of products becomes unlimited for $99 per month.


Solid service with an eye toward providing for online stores.

Good to see that a hosting option is available.


Support options are rather limited, especially with Monday through Friday hours only.


There is too little difference between plans to justify the price difference between them.


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