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If you want to a website in just a few minutes, you are in good hands if you use the Web-based builder SimpleSite. With this builder, you can create a site in just three simple and easy to follow steps. This is in stark contrast to other Web-based builders that require you to go through a bunch of hoops just to get started. Within a few minutes of logging in, it’s apparent that SimpleSite is for people who don’t have time to make pages. No, this builder is for people who want to concentrate on running their business and not struggle. In fact, on the front page, the company claims to cater to the individual entrepreneur who doesn’t have time to worry about HTML or other code.


As mentioned, if you are a busy and hardworking entrepreneur, you don’t have time to learn WordPress or a new programming language. Since there are only three steps to follow, you won’t struggle to make a new page or edit an existing one. Once you click the “start here” button, according to the SimpleSite website, you can create a simple and unique page within five minutes. Simply put, if you can open a Web browser and open the link, you can start to build your site.


To begin, you will want to sign up and get started. Initially, you will be given a list of available pictures for your website; of course, you can update your own if you wish to do so.  Next, the user is presented with a list of available colors. After that, a customer can choose his or her favorite backgrounds. Then, one can add their title to the page. Finally, after adding all that, one can put their logo on the page. That’s it. The entire process takes less than five minutes, and it allows a site owner to upload his or her pages quickly.


There are three tiers to host on SimpleSite, and all of them offer plenty of benefits. With tier one hosting, you will enjoy one hosted website, a gig of storage and 100 gigs of bandwidth. At the same time, you will get 10 email users and one gig of email storage. With tier one, you get either one MSSQL or MySQL database with daily backups.

If this isn’t enough, you can choose the tier two plan offering five hosted websites, five gigs of storage and 500 gigs of bandwidth. This plan also includes 50 email users and five gigs of storage. As far as MSSQL or MySQL, you get five databases of either and a 2500 MB of storage, along with daily backups.

Now, if you are looking for a hosting plan with everything, consider the tier three plan. With this setup, you get 10 hosted website and 10 gigs of storage. Furthermore, you get 1000 gigs of bandwidth, which is obviously enough for most people. You also get 100 email users and ten gigs of storage. Finally, with regards to MSSQL or MySQL, you get 10 databases of either, along with five gigs of storage. All the plans include automated daily MSSQL and MySQL backups. Not only that, all three don’t come with a setup fee.


Now, with SimpleSite, you are, more or less, on your own for marketing. Since you can make 40 pages and photo albums, you should have no trouble setting up a site that people love, which should market itself. However, while you are on your own for marketing, you should not fret too much. No, when creating a site with SimpleSite, the user experience is top-notch for a visitor. Simply put, since pages are so easy to create, you won’t need to worry about marketing as you can concentrate on creating amazing content.


If you need help or customer service, you will not struggle. For starters, if you have a question, no matter how simple, you can head to the question and answer page. At this page, you can have your basic and simple questions answered. While this covers the basics, if you have more questions, you can send an email to customer service. Usually, since SimpleSite has offices all over, an employee will respond to your issue within two business days, which may be too long for some busy entrepreneurs who don’t want to wait too long.


After the 30 day free trial period, you can sign up for the service for one month at $9.95. If you want to sign up for three months of service, you can pay $24.95 for three months of service. Finally, if you want to pay for one year of service for $79.95, you can, which gives you a decent break versus paying every month.


Can start building pages within five minutes


Minimal support database. While it answers the most basic questions, you will need to email customer support for any serious technical support issues


They claim to respond to help tickets within two days, which is obviously too long for a busy business owner who needs help


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