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When you first go to the Sitezulu home page, it gives you an immediate sense of comfort. It’s a well-designed site in general, and makes it pretty easy to get started. Sitezulu is a small UK-based company, and everything about the website indicates a down-to-Earth business that is focused on the customer and providing the best product possible. While they aren’t the most intuitively created or designed service, there is a lot to like about what they’ve created and it’s worth the sign up.


This is not the easiest builder ever made, but it’s not terribly difficult either. It makes most simple tasks very easy to do, including embedding media, linking to PayPal shops and connecting to social media. For making basic websites, you couldn’t ask for much more. That being said, this is clearly geared toward beginners and people who don’t want to make anything too complicated. Options for working with higher level website tasks just aren’t there, and the lack of the ability to adjust the HTML and CSS code makes it even more restrictive on that front.

That being said, there are 21 templates with which to start your website, many of them designed with specific types of business in mind and a variety of layouts to choose from. It makes starting very easy.


This is a fairly standard drag and drop model of website builder, though initial inserting is done by a drop down menu in the control bar at the top. Once placed on the website, it’s very easy to move things around and put them where you want to. A number of online Web builders restrict where things can go by snapping objects into heavily regimented areas. This is much freer, and it adjusts its code to be able to handle that sort of movement.

There is also a large library of media on which to draw from, especially stock photos that you can use to help fill in a website if you don’t have pictures that you own on hand. Adding them only takes a couple of mouse clicks, and filling in the content is remarkably simple. Perhaps the only real problem is that it doesn’t have a lot of options. It can do most basic functions, but anything more advanced it just out of reach on this platform, making it ideal for beginners but not nearly powerful enough for experienced developers.


There is nothing special about the hosting at SiteZulu. The free plan offers you a single website at a subdomain of and some pretty good loading times. Their website says that your storage and bandwidth are limited, but I couldn’t find out what they were limited to despite quite a bit of searching around. When I tried to upgrade my account so I could get specifics, it gave me a Pro account for three months for free.

Regardless of what the restrictions are on the free account, the Pro account offers unlimited storage, bandwidth, and phone support, as well as removing advertising from your pages. It also provides a custom URL rather than a subdomain, which might be worthwhile for many people.


One of the smartest things the creators of Sitezulu did was provide for easy search engine optimization and mobile site creation. While other online builders are ignoring organic search and the increasing prevalence of mobile users, Sitezulu tried thinking ahead, and it’s going to pay off for their users very quickly. Beyond that, connecting to social media is a snap, but otherwise there aren’t any specific marketing-oriented benefits.


I have no particularly strong feelings about their customer support. Their How-To guide is well-written and easy to follow, which I think is important to prevent problems in the first place. Email was received and replied to from a helpful and friendly representative in a timely manner. They only have about 36 articles in their online support section, but all of them are common problems and should answer most non-technical questions. All in all, they are enough service for what they offer on their free plan. I did not try their call in service, but I suspect it will be equally professional and helpful.


There are only two plans offered by Sitezulu: a free one and a paid one.

Free: This is absolutely free and gives you a single website on a subdomain. The biggest drawback is that it comes with advertising on the page that you’ll never see any proceeds from.

Pro: The Pro plan costs eight pounds a month and gives you unlimited bandwidth, storage, phone support, and a custom domain. Since there isn’t a full list of the features of the Pro plan, it’s hard to say whether this is worth it fully, but it’s worth trying at the very least.


Sitezulu websites are designed with the future in mind, and the access to SEO and mobile site creation options are a huge selling point


They aren’t very forthcoming about their plans and what they entail. I would like to know in detail what I get and why one is better than the other


This is for basic site creation only. Don’t try to make an advanced or complex site with Sitezulu


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