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Squarespace provides a really slick website building tool and a wide range of cool templates for musicians, artists, merchants, photographers, restaurant owners and bloggers. Fully customizable templates can be easily modified through an intuitive Style Editor tool that allows you to add and edit images, change fonts, colors, backgrounds and do live previews to see exactly what your visitors see. Despite the complicated nature of website building, ecommerce, and analytics, Squarespace has managed to provide a surprisingly simplified method for people with no technical background to create stunning and beautiful websites.

Ease of Use

It’s no easy task to take something as inherently technical as building a website, and make it incredibly easy to do, but Squarespace has done exactly that. It gives you a free 14-day trial to test the waters, and requires no credit card information unless you decide to upgrade. Navigating the site is straightforward, thanks to common tasks and pages being organized into a simple menu that appears on the left side of the screen. Adding pages, images, video and content is a painless process and requires no design or development experience, so you can quickly get your website up and running by accepting the default colors and fonts, or doing some easy modifications to tailor your website.

Web Builder

Squarespace plans include fully-managed web hosting services that provide uptime guarantees that keep your website available and accessible around-the-clock. You also get a free domain name which you can take advantage of, or use an existing domain name if you prefer. Either way, Squarespace seems to have taken every step to make your website building endeavor as easy as possible. It provides great flexibility with the different plans; allowing you to upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time and receive a pro-rated charge or a refund, depending on your situation.


Squarespace is truly a one-stop-shop for your business’ website, and provides built-in SEO functionality that you can easily control yourself. Your website is automatically optimized for search engines when your site goes live, so most of your work is already done. However, Squarespace helps you increase your website’s visibility even further by providing easy steps for editing your site title and description, meta description, page description, site map and inbound links. Squarespace gives even the most novice business owner the ability to create a powerful marketing strategy without requiring intensive research and additional expenses.

Web Builder

Customer Support

As easy as its website building solution may be, Squarespace hasn’t taken any chances and offers a full range of customer support resources. It provides 24/7 customer support through email and live chat, and promises email responses within one hour, regardless of the day of the week, or time of day. The live chat option gives you direct access to trained support personnel Monday – Friday between 8am and 7pm EST. In addition to direct contact support, Squarespace offers a comprehensive knowledge base that covers all areas of the website building process. Read in-depth articles or watch videos that explain concepts and procedures relating to Squarespace’s web-based website solutions. It also provides video workshops that are really helpful in providing how-to demonstrations so you can solve any problem, and build your site as you envision it. Access to a community of Squarespace users and experts allows you to explore the power of networking support. Pose your questions to a large, knowledgeable group of Squarespace customers and learn tips and tricks from people that have already been there and done that.


Squarespace consistently keeps things simple by offering three flexible pricing plans: Personal, Professional, and Business. You can be billed annually or pay slightly more for a monthly billing cycle.

Personal - $8 per month for 20 pages, galleries, and blogs with 500GB bandwidth, 2GB storage and 2 contributors. Also, fully integrated eCommerce, sell 1 product and accept donations, mobile website and store, free custom domain and 24/7 customer support.

Professional - $16 per month for unlimited pages, galleries, and blogs with unlimited storage, bandwidth and contributors. Also, fully integrated eCommerce, sell up to 20 products, developer platform, mobile website and store, free custom domain and 24/7 customer support.

Business - $24 per month for unlimited pages, galleries, and blogs, with unlimited storage, bandwidth and contributors. Also, fully integrated eCommerce, sell unlimited products, real-time carrier shipping, label printing via ShipStation, integrated accounting by Xero, developer platform, mobile website and store, free custom domain and 24/7 customer support.

The Good

You can create hip, cool websites without having to worry about outside web hosting, SEO, or analytics

The Bad

Could be seen as on the pricier side considering many services offer free blog hosting

The Ugly

Tracking tools aren’t as complete as competitors



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