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While other Web-based builders muddle everything, StartLogic knows that simplicity is the way to most people’s hearts. Think about it, when using some Web-based builders or other programs, a site owner will struggle. However, if you want to get online and watch as your site gains visitors, you will want to use StartLogic as you can design and upload your site within a matter of minutes. Not only that, with the easy to use interface, you won’t struggle to choose the right setup meeting your wants and needs. Simply put, if you want to get your website online quickly, consider StartLogic.


Once you navigate to the front page, you will see that StartLogic offers all you need, all without confusing the user. This is a massive advantage over other web-based builders that make it confusing for the average person. In fact, once you land on the front page, you will see the red button labeled “build a site.” From here, you will simply need to click the button and log in. At this point, you can begin to create a beautiful and nice looking site within a matter of minutes, which is obviously an advantage for a busy person who wants to create the pages and move on with his or her life.


After you log in, you will not struggle to create a site. With the intuitive and easy to understand drag-and-drop builder, you can watch as your dreams become a reality, in minutes. Once you enter your domain and billing information, you can find a number of pre-made templates that fit your site’s unique style. Once you start making a page and master this, you are well on your way to making the perfect site. Next, you can install forums or galleries to give your site that extra edge. Although, others will want to think about gaining exposure by using the drag-and-drop features to put up store hours, locations and other information. Now, if you are wise and want to pay someone who can create the ideal site, you can do so with ease. StartLogic works with site designers and programmers who can create you the perfect site that you can still manage on your own. Simply put, whether you want to build a simple one-age website or a masterpiece, you will have an easy time with StartLogic.


With the included “DomainCentral” panel, you can access all your website information and make changes, all within a few clicks. Here, you can consolidate your existing domains, manage your current ones and renew expiring ones.  Since all the plans include a control panel, plenty of email accounts and a lot of disk space, you can rest-easy when signing up at StartLogic.


StartLogic really shines with their marketing. However, unlike other providers, if you want to market your website or accept payments with ease, you will need to spend money. With My Marketing Services, you can make an excellent first impression on your visitors. To start, you can find the ideal design for your needs. Not only that, you can work with StartLogic and devise a Pay-Per-Click strategy. Finally, with a tailored search engine optimization approach, you can snag plenty of traffic from Google, Yahoo and Bing. Furthermore, you can sign up for credit card processing and email marketing. In the end, if you want to market your site to excited clients from all over, you are wise to start investing in StartLogic marketing services.


If you want help with StartLogic, you can access the help center with one click of the button. From here, you can browse the knowledgebase and read hundreds of articles. If this doesn’t help, you can head over the user guide and read step-by-step instructions, which will help you with a host of topics. If you still don’t get to the bottom of an issue, check out the tutorials that offer you ways to get started on building your site. Finally, unlike some other providers, there is a reliable and easy to use “chat with us” option. With this, you can tell a specialist about your issue and receive plenty of free help from a knowledgeable person.


At StartLogic, the pricing is straightforward and easy to understand. With the express package, you get 100 gigs of bandwidth, five gigs of disk space and five email accounts. This is only $4.50 a month. The pro package includes unlimited bandwidth, disk space and email accounts. Not only that, you can host unlimited domains, all for $5.99 a month. Now, with the Supercharge package, you get all that the others include. In addition, you get site backup and restore, a firewall, and e-commerce tools, all for $8.99 a month. With the VPS services, you can enjoy a ton of disk space and plenty of other features. These start at $29.99 a month. However, in reality, they are overkill, unless you are a professional.


Express plan is a great deal for someone who wants a basic and simple website


The documentation is a bit confusing for people who are just getting started


The vDesk is complex for a person without an IT background


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