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uCoz is a great example of what a website builder should be while also exhibiting a number of serious issues. It combines several excellent features, presents them well and makes them easy to use. In fact, the front page of the website is capable of being manipulated in the same way that the builder allows, so that potential users can see how simple it is to navigate. The drawbacks aren’t readily apparent, but that makes them even more glaring.


This is a builder that was clearly designed to appeal to both novices and experts alike, making basic functionality default and the advanced functions optional for those who would like to take advantage of them. About the only problem with the usage is that it isn’t very intuitive at first. Getting started requires a lot of jumping through hoops, and it’s not very clear how one changes the template from among the free ones being offered. Fortunately, the company has gone to great lengths to produce a lot of documentation and video tutorials to teach new users how to build a website with their system, which helps immensely.


After watching the tutorials, building is remarkably simple. The user starts by choosing a template that can be manipulated both through the drag-and-drop interface and CSS code.There are 250 default templates to choose from, plus a number of paid ones that cost extra. The user can also choose which “modules” they would like on their page, making it easy to add a blog, forum or any number of useful design options.


Hosting is fairly simple on uCoz. The default account, which is free, gets 400 MB of storage and unlimited bandwidth at a subdomain, unless the user chooses to use a custom URL that was purchased elsewhere or through uCoz. After the default account, there are a number of paid options that increase storage by up to 20 GB, all for fairly reasonable prices.


There aren’t a whole lot of marketing options available through uCoz. They take the time to make sure that pages are properly tagged when they are built and there is plenty of social media integration, but otherwise marketing doesn’t really seem like a major factor for the company.


Another place where the company didn’t seem to put a lot of effort was the support department. It seems like the only active support comes from either an email form or from a community forum. The support techs know what they are talking about and are good at communicating even difficult and complex solutions through email. However, support did take quite a while before answering questions.


There are a number of paid plans as well as a free one, which is oddly not highlighted by uCoz for reasons unknown.

1. Free – The very basic plan comes with 400 MB of storage, a basic PDA mobile site, the Blog and Site News modules, and uCoz copyrighting on the bottom of your pages.

2. Minimal – For $2.99 a month, storage is increased by 1 GB and a basic antivirus service is added. The website can also no longer be removed due to inactivity and several new features like being able to add an attachment to email forms and hiding the statistics counter are made available.

3. Basic – This plan is $5.99 a month and adds another 2 GB of storage and site backup every 2 weeks.

4. Optimal – At $7.99 a month, this plan adds 10 GB of storage and backs up the three most recent versions of the website. The mobile site changes to a more detailed mobile template and the antivirus becomes a premium version.

5. Maximal – For $15.99 a month, this plan provides 20 more GB of storage, backs up the five most recent versions of the site every 3 days, and finally removes the uCoz copyright as well as giving user’s access to the PHP.

6. Shop – This is only $9.99 a month and is designed for shopping sites, providing largely the same as the Maximal, but less. So only 10 GB of extra storage and fewer backup options.


This is an excellent, very powerful website builder.

The Free builder option could be a prime choose for those with minimal needs or those who want to test out the builder before committing to a paid option,


Not very many marketing tools offered.


Would be nice to have more transparency when it comes to the pricing structure.


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