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If you are a novice or a seasoned professional, you can find plenty to love about Virb. With this Web-based editor, you can create mobile-friendly pages for your website in minutes. Once you land on the front page, you can sign up for a free 10 day trail and get started immediately. After signing up, you will land on the admin page where you can start the tour. If you are confident, you can select a theme based on your category and start building. Once you select a theme, you can head over to the pages tab and insert pages such as products for sale, blog posts, a gallery and many more. Then, after doing so, you can write your content and enter your information; it’s that easy!


As mentioned, you can sign up quickly and start browsing all the pre-configured themes. Unlike some Web-based editors, you can access all the toolbars form anywhere. Whether you want to open your pages tab, widgets, themes or files, you can do so with the click of a button. Furthermore, you can also access your settings and stats with ease. With the widgets feed, you can add audio tracks to your page or link to your Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts. Without a doubt, once you sign up and log in, you won’t struggle to create beautiful pages with all the content you need.


After you choose a pre-configured them based on your needs, you can immediately begin building pages by clicking on the pages tab on the upper-left hand corner. Then, you will need to choose the page type such as blog post, e-commerce product listing or contact page; of course, these are just a few of the page types you can create and upload. Then, you can create a new section of your site so you can organize your content without losing your spot or thought process. As soon as you create the page, upload your content and any additional widgets, you can preview your work by clicking the view live site in the top right corner. All in all, while slightly more complicated than other Web-based builders, Virb allows you to do it all!


With Virb, you can host your site on the cloud and you will enjoy a speedy, reliable and safe connection. Now, you must use the provided hosting as you can’t sign up for a third-party service. Also, if you are accustomed to FTP services, you are out of luck. While true, with Virb, you won’t struggle to upload your data, access your pages and make changes quickly and efficiently. Since hosting is included in the price, you get an excellent deal when using Virb.


From the get-go, you won’t need to fret over SEO as Virb sites are already SEO friendly from day one. All the themes are created with semantic and indexable HTML. Not only that, your pages will have unique page titles and URLs along with proper alt tags, image tags and a clear and easy to follow file structure. With this, you will see your organic search rankings fly to the top of Google and the leading search engines. If you struggle to rise to the top, you can read up on techniques and tips to make your site even better as Virb offers a few concise SEO guides for people wanting to do more with their sites. With excellent content, a smart SEO strategy and the included tracking software, you will not have trouble marketing your site and increasing your conversion rates.


With the Virb help center, you can learn how to customize your site and set it up quickly. If you struggle with any tasks, you can check out the community questions and submit your own question. If all else fails, customers can contact customer support via helpdesk ticket. Luckily, Virb support team responds to inquiries from 9 am to 6 pm eastern time. When inquiring about an issue, you can explain your situation and upload a screenshot. Then, within hours, you should receive a response. While Virb offers excellent customer support, it’s so easy to use you probably won’t ever require any help and can fix most issues by checking out the Virb support center.


Virb has simple pricing. There are no add-ons or contracts. All you pay is a low price of $10 a month and you will enjoy unlimited pages, cloud hosting, unique themes, site analytics and plenty of support.


Can build a mobile-friendly site with little effort

Extremely easy to use and understand interface


Must use Virb hosting


Must use third-party solutions to add a contact form



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