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Some Web-based builders provide you with a cool setup, but fail to offer you all the tools you need to succeed. This is unfortunate, and it’s not easy to find a company offering everything you need. However, now you have a solid choice in Volusion. With this Web-based builder, you can build the perfect site, upload your amazing media and use a host of other add-ons. In fact, if you want to accept credit cards and run your entire business from Volusion’s servers, you can do so with ease. Since it’s easy to get started, this is the ideal solution for a busy and hardworking entrepreneur who doesn’t have time to mess with WordPress or Joomla.


If you can power up your computer and open your Web browser, you should not struggle with Volusion. Upon landing on the front page, all you need to do is click the “start for free” button in the middle of the screen. From here, you can start a free trial. Once you offer your first name, last name and other information, you can start building your site as you receive a free 14-day trial. Luckily, the sign up process is not cumbersome or time-consuming as you can immediately start building your website, all without any hassle. Without a doubt, with the “quick start’ option at the bottom, you are well on your way to creating anything that you want.

As mentioned, it only takes a few minutes to sign up and input your information. Once done, you will land at the front page labeled “my store.” From here, you can select a design from a list of a dozen or so available options. Then, from here, you can personalize the page and add it to your store, either in the form of a page with pictures or a text-based page. Next, you can add a product, along with the price. This is one of the easiest Web-based builders for a person who wants to create a store, add products and watch them sell quickly. Of course, if at any point you struggle, you can open the dashboard where you will have more options to set up your site. On the other hand, if you struggle at any point, you can call the toll-free number and receive help. Otherwise, you can open the chat window and ask a simple question. Either way, if you want to build your site and have any issues, simply give Volusion a call.


All-too-often, a site owner will have a seemingly perfect Web host, but will struggle to put it all together. However, this is not the case with Volusion as a customer can build a site, set up a shopping cart and install all the add-ons. Then, when trying to host the site, you won’t struggle with anything. This is definitely in stark contrast when compared to other hosts or Web builders that offer a cumbersome and complicated process. Fortunately, not only is the hosting easy to use, you can choose from a number of plans offering support, social media tools and a host of other options.


Volusion really shines with the marketing plans. Not only does a client receive all the necessary social media tools, but you can build a Facebook store and set up e-ecommerce within minutes. Not only that, within the program, you can easily add amazon and eBay integration, provided you pay for the pro or premium plan. Of course, with Volusion, you won’t need to worry about marketing your site as you will already enjoy a beautiful site that people will enjoy to the fullest. Think about it, when checking out your amazing pictures and interesting, yet unique designs, you will show off your site to the fullest. Combined with SEO tools and you can see why Volusion is the perfect solution for a person who wants to market his or her e-commerce site.


Since Volusion is complicated and all-encompassing, it’s great that they offer top-notch support. Not only can you use the online chat option, but you can call Volusion via the toll-free number. While true, with the “Get Help” option on top of every page, you can, with ease, search the entire knowledge base. From here, you can get started on almost any project. This is somewhere that Volusion shines as most questions are answered via the knowledge base. This is true whether you want to get started or have a more complicated inquiry. And, as previously mentioned, if you have a difficult question to answer, you can contact support via phone or chat.


With the mini plan, you get unlimited storage, no transaction fees, one gig of bandwidth and 100 products. This costs $15 a month.
The Plus plan offers the same, except three gigs of bandwidth and 1,000 products. This plan is $35 a month.
The pro plan offers 10 gigs of bandwidth and 10,000 products. This costs $75 a month.
Finally, the premium plan offers 35 gigs of bandwidth and unlimited products at $135 a month. When considering what’s included, these are low prices and a customer will do well with even the basic plan.


All-in-one so you don’t have to look elsewhere to host any part of your site


$99 cancellation fee


The free templates are bland


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