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With an incredibly low introductory rate of $2.95, Web.com has helped more than 3 million clients succeed in all sorts of online businesses, providing the world-class website building tools and strategies that you’ve always craved. Every Web.com relationship begins with an in-depth interview with the company’s experts, who help you understand how you could best grow your business through effective design, site development, optimization and marketing. This amount of personal attention isn’t something that you’ll find with every website builder, but Web.com tries to go above and beyond at every step of the process.

Understanding the uniqueness of every customer allows Web.com to establish strong, customized solutions to complement the persona and business goals of each client. If you’re looking to build a website from the ground up, or want to customize an existing site and promote it successfully, Web.com seems to provide a flexible solution for every business scenario.

Ease of Use

Clients can achieve their personal visions using one of over 9500 professionally designed templates available on Web.com’s site builder. Intuitive design packages can help you customize the layout for your site, including easy-to-use building tools that give you great flexibility and control. Web.com even makes it easy for you to register a free domain or use a domain you currently own. Thanks to offerings like their starter content, Web.com allows for a quick turnaround, getting as close to a turnkey website solution as you will find.

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Website Building

The website building tools help you design and publish your site with surprising ease and quickness. Setup is a snap if you want to get your website up and running in a hurry, thanks to well-designed templates that provide starter content, stock image libraries, and free domain name registration. Of course, you can tailor your website in every way imaginable to get it looking and working the way you want it.

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Thankfully, numerous cost-saving measures are integrated into Web.com’s site building solutions, such as access to a stock image library organized by business type, which helps you easily find images that fit your niche. You also get unlimited web storage so you can store and transfer all of the images, videos and documents you may need. Web.com also provides professional designers and developers that could cultivate web presence, handle marketing, improve search engine results, manage monthly updates and encourage mobile website presence.


For powerful, reliable, flexible hosting, Web.com offers some intriguing options that are hard to beat. Scalable hosting services provide practical solutions to accommodate all sorts of businesses, regardless of size, data storage or transfer demands. Web.com supports an impressive array of open source applications and programming languages to make transition and customization seamless. The 99.99% uptime guarantee ensures that your website is always available and online for maximum exposure and reliability. With Web.com’s hosting services, you also get the comfort of automatic backups, unlimited data transfer, high capacity email storage, one-click install WordPress blogs and FTP access.

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Tapping into the seemingly unlimited reach of today’s social sites, search engines, GPS and mobile devices could result in substantial growth for your business. Web.com navigates the rapid refresh world of online marketing by implementing time-tested SEO strategies as well as an expert SEO consultant. Working with a specialist that understands the nature of your business could obviously help you find the most effective means available today to work towards your ultimate goals.

The potential customers are out there, searching the Internet for the products and services that you provide. Web.com’s marketing staff works hard to make sure not only that customers can find your business, but also to promote it in the best possible light, displaying the most pertinent information to consumers looking for you.

Customer Support

Web.com customers receive telephone support in addition to email support and access to Web.com’s extensive customer community. The online help portal provides professional advice, tips, current articles and other helpful resources from people that specialize in small businesses like yours. Numerous tools are available for your assistance, as well as blog posts, news articles and information about forums and relevant events.


Web.com provides three price levels for its impressive web hosting:

Essential Hosting - $2.95 for the first month of service followed by $9.96/month with annual term for 300GB of disc space, unlimited data transfer, 25 FTP accounts, 10 multi-user Emailboxes and one free domain.

Professional Hosting - $13.29/month with annual term for 500GB of disc space, unlimited data transfer, 50 FTP accounts, 25 multi-user Emailboxes and one free domain.

Premium Hosting - $29.13/month with annual term for unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer, unlimited FTP accounts, 25 multi-user Emailboxes and one free domain.


Though it’s one of the original website building solutions in the industry, Web.com has somehow managed to remain atop the industry for 30 years. Providing millions of business owners with easy-to-use tools and templates, Web.com could help you quickly establish a successful web presence. With DIY design packages that allow you to take control of your website, Web.com enables businesses to tailor their products and services to their specific clientele. Impressive marketing and SEO tools create a powerful means to help customers become aware of your business. Meanwhile, several tools can help you stay in touch with customers and keep them up to date on the latest business news and events, such as email marketing. With such a wide array of services and products, Web.com covers all the bases and gives you the support to help your business grow by leaps and bounds.