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Webnode provides a website building solution for personal and business use, and wisely separates its packages into those two categories. Both solutions use Webnode’s drag and drop functionality that makes design and development go a whole lot faster than traditional coding and requires no complicated user manuals or training. If you’ve used basic word processing software, you should have no trouble building your website with Webnode — it’s that easy. If it weren’t that easy, Webnode probably wouldn’t be able to say that they have 15 million users. That’s proof that Webnode not only has delivered a successful website building tool, but that it has continued to develop this tool for changing markets and technologies.


Sometimes you have to experience something negative in order to appreciate something positive. Many website building solutions struggle to communicate to their potential customers by offering too much or too little information on their website. Often, it comes down to how that information is conveyed. Webnode is easy to use from start to finish and you can gain a lot of this insight simply by looking at its website. Information is well organized and clearly stated, so you know what you’re getting and you know where to find it. Webnode succeeds in its appeal to personal and business users by offering solutions in those categories and offering a highly intuitive experience regardless of which you select.


Webnode boasts hundreds of templates to choose from for the foundation of your website. The templates have a cool, contemporary feel to them, which tells you that Webnode’s staff is constantly updating its pool of templates to keep up with competition. If you are new to the website building process, you no longer have to worry about being left behind by technology that requires training and experience to get up to speed. Drag and drop functionality is one of the best things to happen to the Internet because it has leveled the playing field; making it possible to quickly and inexpensively build a website yourself. It has made website design easy enough for anyone to handle, and yet Webnode offers a robust enough solution that advanced users will not find the feature sets limiting in the least.


Any well-rounded building solution will offer its customers an array of marketing tools that enable them to advertise and promote their newly found online presence. Webnode doesn’t fall short in this category, thankfully, and offers full social media integration that allows you to use popular social networking sites as platforms to increase your website’s visibility and services. SEO capabilities are a must in today’s competitive online marketplace, and Webnode offers full support in this area to help you market your site on the world’s most powerful search engines. Easily creating email marketing campaigns, discussion forums, and adding videos and tutorials are all simple tasks that effectively drive traffic to your site and increase sales for your eCommerce efforts.


The usual customer support resources can be expected when signing up with Webnode’s website building services. Sadly, it falls short of what might be necessary to get your issues resolved through direct contact, but expecting to have a conversation with a support representative may just be unrealistic nowadays. You can access FAQ via Webnode’s support portal as well as a discussion forum that contains topics that are thankfully quite relevant to the typical user experience. If your issue is of a more specific technical nature, you can also try contacting a support representative through the email ticketing system it provides. Overall, though, Webnode’s tools and services are reliable and straightforward enough that you hopefully won’t require the direct assistance of a support staff.


Unfortunately, pricing is not available through Webnode’s website. However, it is free to begin with Webnode and use the basic services.


Intuitive interface makes the website building, marketing and online store process a snap


Webnode’s website doesn’t always load correctly/times out


Registration and signup process took a long time to complete due to technical glitches



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