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Offering free hosting and website building, Webs is part of the exciting new generation of website builders that make it easy and affordable to build and manage incredible looking websites for businesses of all sizes. Webs has helped create more than 40 million sites worldwide, showing that they’ve clearly tapped into something. Part of the success of Webs is due to its ability to create amazing sites using intuitive drag-and-drop features, meaning no design or technical experience is necessary to build websites that look great, function well and attract customers. Webs does all this and more, meaning that you’ll never have to go outside this one-stop-shop to get what you need for your business to succeed in today’s marketplace.

Ease of Use

With a library of professionally designed templates that explore themes of all varieties, Webs’ site builder makes your online experience as seamless as possible. Once a template is selected, customization is as easy as editing titles, text, images, slideshows, videos and more using drag-and-drop tools. You can add your own logo, tagline, content or other personal touches that could make your website a true expression of your business and creativity.

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Website Building

Webs’ site builder has an impressive collection of templates to suit business owners and individuals of all types. Even if you don’t find an exact match for your needs, you can easily modify a wide selection of templates to suit your fancy. You can easily add, remove and customize design elements within your webpages using drag-and-drop functionality. Add video, audio, forms, maps and other content types directly to your page without needing to pay a coding or design professional.

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Webs offers free web hosting along with its free site builder, so you can actually build and publish your website at no cost to you. Premium services are available for individuals and businesses that demand more bandwidth, storage, email addresses, SEO or analytics features. Webs’ hosting and building requires no technical skill so you could easily get your website up and running within minutes. The hosting is included in your service, requiring no additional work on your part. You can also receive mobile support regardless of what package you decide on, so your website will be fully accessible via mobile devices.


Building and hosting your website with Webs is easy thanks to innovative functionality to help out people who are technologically challenged. Webs makes marketing just as easy, giving you SEO boosting to help your site achieve higher search rankings among the biggest search engines, such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing. The SEO interface walks you through the entire process to help you determine keywords and phrases that will make your business stand out when potential customers search the most popular sites on the Internet.

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Customer Support

Webs provides helpful customer support resources via its support portal. A search option allows customers to type questions and topics into a comprehensive support database, which displays results in seconds. With a knowledgebase, FAQ and video tutorial section, Webs addresses virtually every website-related question you could have. In addition, you can work directly with support staff with a premium membership using phone, chat and email support. Webs provides frequently updated service announcements to keep its customers up to date on any known issues relating to website building and hosting.


Webs offers a flexible and affordable range of packages for individuals and small- to medium-sized business owners. You can build your website and have Webs host it for free, so you’ll get a website at no cost to you. For more demanding personal sites, businesses and online stores, premium services are also available.

Free - Free site building tools, mobile website with ads, .5GB bandwidth, 40MB web storage and 5 web store items.

Starter - $3.75 per month for site building tools, ad-free site and mobile site, 24/7 customer support, premium themes, 5GB bandwidth, 400MB web storage, 150 minutes of high quality video storage and 10 web store items.

Enhanced - $7.50 per month for site building tools, ad-free site and mobile site, 24/7 customer support, premium themes, free domain name, stats analytics tool, 5 email addresses, 25GB bandwidth, 1000MB web storage, 1000 minutes of high quality video storage, 30 web store items, $100 Google AdWords credit and $50 Facebook Ads credit.

Pro - $16.67 per month for site building tools, ad-free site and mobile site, 24/7 customer support, premium themes, free domain name, stats analytics tool, SEO Booster, 15 email addresses, 100GB bandwidth, 5000MB web storage, unlimited high quality video storage, unlimited web store items, $100 Google AdWords credit and $50 Facebook Ads credit.


Webs offers an easy way to build and customize your stunning personal and business website. Hosting, marketing, mobile support and SEO are all readily available and built into this innovative website building solution. The interface walks you through each step from design to publishing. The customer support portal provides a wealth of information, and actual staff members are available and extremely courteous and helpful in creating solutions to your site building problems. All in all, Webs does a wonderful job of helping you get your personal or business website together and online for the world to see. It has truly implemented a worry-free site building solution that could save you a lot of time and money.



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