Website Builders with Easiest to Use Control Panels

shutterstock_208652896As part of the process of choosing a website builder, you also need to consider a variety of factors. Among the factors to consider is the simplicity of the control panel. One of the primary benefits of using a website builder is that you do not need to learn HTML and other programming languages in order to create a professional looking website. With the right website builder, you can take advantage of the control panel to create a customized website and make quick edits to ensure it stays in keeping with your needs. Here, we’ll not only delve deeper into what an easy to use control panel could do for your website, we’ll discuss some of the website builders that feature the best, including and 1&1.

Why Having an Easy to Use Control Panel is Important

The control panel is often considered the heart of the website builder. Additionally, increased competition compels website builders to provide the best and easiest control panels. This is where you control and manage your website, including such activities as opening your FTP account and managing reports, statistics, and more. In other words, the control panel is the hub of your entire website. The easier that a control is to use, the easier and faster it will be for you to manage your website.

What a Control Panel Does for You

The various functions offered by a control panel can vary significantly based on the website builder that you choose. This is why it is crucial that you take the time to shop around and compare options prior to making a final decision regarding the website builder that you will use. Below are just a few of the functions of a control panel and how it relates to your website.


The control panel should feature a function that will allow you to change and set the various settings associated with the email for your website. With this function, you can formulate email addresses, build mailing lists, and create auto responders for marketing your website. You will also be able to manage files within your email.

Website Content

Inside the control panel, you can also manage your site’s content. The control panel will typically feature a map of your site along with the directories and subdirectories. FTP accounts can also be created here for the purpose of uploading and downloading documents to and from your site.


While the creation and management of your site are important, you also need the ability to see how your site is performing. Statistics allow you to do that. Such information may include the number of people who have visited your website as well as sources of traffic and duration of visit.


Security is naturally a top concern for your website. With this feature, you gain the ability to customize the security features of your site based on your needs. For instance, you can implement special permissions or even block specific IP addresses.


Many website builders will also allow you to install third-party applications. Such applications might include image galleries, surveys, project management, and can make it much easier for you to improve your website and increase traffic. If your website builder does offer applications, the control panel should provide you with an area where you can manage your various add-ons and bundles to make managing your website even easier.

Top Website Builders with Easy-to-Use Control Panels

A number of website builders are currently available on the market and many of them offer feature-rich control panels. Below are a couple of website builders we have found that offer top-notch control panels. is an award-winning website builder that offers a variety of integrated services and tools. Along with point-and-click editing, offers a simple-to-use control panel that gives you the ability to manage your business emails, hosting, domain registration, ecommerce services, web marketing, and web publishing from a centralized location. As a result, you can take advantage of the ability to design your website and then use the various tools available to increase your traffic.

The beauty of 1&1 is that it offers an easy user interface combined with a robust array of features. From the 1&1 control panel, you are able to manage your email addresses, domain names, and websites with a single login and password. Additionally, this control panel is browser-based, which means that with 1&1 you can gain access anytime and anywhere. In the user settings area, you can update personal information and preferences. The email-management area gives you the opportunity to manage and review the email addresses associated with your account, including set up auto-responders. There is also a domain management area where you can register new domains and configure domains, while the applications area allows you to integrate marketing and site-building tools.


Posted on Monday, September 8th, 2014