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When a business or an individual is ready for a website, it can seem overwhelming to take on the laborious task of designing and developing a personalized online presence. A company like Webstarts understands that the faster and easier its customers can get their website up and running, the better their experience will be. Webstarts helps people create sites that suit their personality, are appropriate for their particular industry or market, and function in a way that promotes, sells and raises visibility in the online marketplace. With hundreds of templates and themes to choose from, users can use Webstarts simple drag and drop interface to create stunning websites that are fully customizable.


The beauty of Webstarts’ website solution is the ease with which you can get your site built and hosted. It is no exaggeration that you can build a website and have it online in a single day. Obviously, the more you want your website to do, the more time it will take to complete it, but Webstarts’ tools make it easy to create shopping carts, add videos, audio, forms and custom domain names to your site without requiring any HTML knowledge or other programming experience whatsoever. The drag and drop interface allows you to add design elements, place and resize text boxes, photos, and choose from hundreds of font styles.


Webstarts takes an “anybody can do it” approach to website building, which is great for beginners and those that want to get their website up and running quickly and cheaply. But more advanced users might find the Dashboard and building tools a bit limited and simplistic. It seems like anyone with word processing experience can put together a good looking website using Webstarts, which is a positive characteristic. The page editing interface is well laid-out and clearly navigable, allowing the user to develop his or her site with straightforward instructions all along the way. You truly get the feeling that your hand is being held as you walk through the steps to get your site built.


New customers get the added incentive of receiving $395 in advertising credits (Pro+ package only) for Google, Bing and Yahoo!, which is a welcome bonus that can effectively drive traffic to your website and help increase sales for those customers that are implementing a shopping cart. The SEO Wizard is another excellent method for ensuring that your site gets higher page rankings among the most popular search engines in the world. You can easily add keywords and meta tags to each and every page to make your site more visible to a worldwide audience. Google Listing Express is a great feature that can cut down the amount of time it takes for your site to be listed in Google searches from several weeks to only three hours. Webstarts has a nice selection of traffic-generating marketing solutions that can easily be implemented into your site.


As uncommon as it is to be able to contact customer support for most companies nowadays, it’s refreshing for users of any skill level to see a support phone number that isn’t buried in the corner of some hard-to-find webpage. Webstarts plainly offers its phone support number on every page of its site; giving you every opportunity to speak directly with the company‚Äôs trained support staff to resolve any issues and concerns so long as you subscribe to the Pro+ package. An email ticketing system is probably the fastest way to get a response, however, and the only option for the Free and Pro packages. Nonetheless, Webstarts provides ample technical assistance that can truly make a difference if you come up against a technical issue that could potentially cost your company time and money. Video tutorials, a knowledgebase and FAQ are also available should you wish to seek out your answers on your own.


Webstarts makes everything easy — even when it comes to deciding upon which pricing plan to choose. It only offers three options, which might make some larger businesses a bit concerned that they might not be getting the scalable solution they need. But you cannot argue with the 50% discount they are providing for the Pro and Pro+ packages

Free: No frills, just 5 web pages with 10MB storage and 5GB/month of bandwidth.

Pro: $4.89/month for 1 free domain name, 15 web pages, 1000MB storage, 25GB of bandwidth.

Pro Plus: $7.16/month for 1 free domain, unlimited web pages, search engine submit, 5000MB storage, 100GB bandwidth.


Simple interface makeS it virtually effortless to create your own website


The Pro Plus package surprisingly doesn’t offer unlimited bandwidth


More advanced developers will likely be frustrated by the simple design features and interface


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