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Offering an all-in-one free package, Weebly can give you the simple template-based website building and drag-and-drop design that could help you create professional-looking websites. That’s right: you won’t have to pay a dime to build a beautiful website with Weebly’s simple tools, which were specifically built for people with no technical knowledge of computer programming or design. Weebly is a one-stop-shop that provides everything you need to design, build, host and promote your online presence. You can implement eCommerce, blogging, shopping carts, mobile support and forms simply by dragging and dropping elements onto your webpage. If you really want to see all of these amazing elements going to work for you, just give Weebly’s amazing and free website builder a try today.

Ease of Use

Weebly’s point-and-click interface gives even novice users the power and skill of professional designers. Starting with a collection of more than 100 free designer templates that provide a broad range of styles, you can select the template that best represents your site, then customize it by simply clicking and editing. Every aspect of your website’s layout can be easily customized to suit the personality, service or industry you are showcasing, including backgrounds, headers, colors, fonts, images and more. For those who want to get under the hood, an Advanced Theme Editor allows more experienced designers and developers the ability to edit HTML and CSS if they so wish.


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Website Building

Weebly is a browser-based solution, meaning it requires no product downloads, so you never have to bother with upgrades or system compatibility. Further simplifying the process, elements like text and images are edited in real-time and automatically saved, just like working in a word processing application. The drag-and-drop interface makes it really easy to add design elements, with icons in your build editor window. You can add titles, text boxes, slideshows, maps, images, audio and video directly to your webpage without having to learn any code. Weebly has a nice Site Planner feature that helps you clarify your website’s goals, create a vision, organize everything and put your plan into action.

Weebly Builder


Weebly’s goal of making the website building process as easy and painless as possible for its customers succeeds by bundling so many useful products and services into one easy-to-use solution. Web hosting is free, regardless of the plan you choose, so creating a website and having it published doesn’t have to cost you a penny if you choose the free plan—you’ll get free and reliable web hosting no matter what. Using a cloud-based hosting infrastructure with data center redundancy, your website’s availability and performance should never go down with Weebly. The load is also balanced across a network of servers to help ensure optimal performance and a non-stop online presence no matter what.

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Weebly’s site builder automatically optimizes your website to climb the ranks of top search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The SEO process will use the sitemap, new content pinging, HTML formatting and meta description incorporation to optimize your website on several search engines. You can also utilize more advanced SEO settings in Weebly to maximize your online presence, using step-by-step assistance to take advantage of these advanced marketing tools. Weebly also offers full integration with leading social media outfits like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus.

Customer Support

Weebly Help Center’s customer assistance is available around the clock. A live chat option gives you direct contact with customer support representatives Mon – Fri from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. (PST). But you can also submit a ticket request via the Help Center, view video tutorials, see solutions to common questions, view live training webcasts or browse various customer support topics to help you locate the solution to any problems that may arise.


Weebly offers four pricing plans that range from free to $25/month, all of which provide free site building and web hosting. You might be pleasantly surprised to learn that the free site allows you to create and host a free website that’s also free of ads, banners and promotions, unlike many other free site building solutions.

Free – $0/month, including all of the necessary tools to build a website and free web hosting.

Starter - $4/month to connect your domain, site building tools, web hosting, site stats and premium support.

Pro - $8/month for site building tools, web hosting, site stats, premium support, professional multimedia features, site search and password protection.

Business - $25/month building tools, web hosting, site stats, premium support, professional multimedia features, site search and password protection, fully integrated eCommerce and more.


Weebly provides free one-stop website building that focuses on the ease of use and impressive pricing it can offer customers. The drag-and-drop interface is so straight forward and well-designed that you could conceivably build and publish your website in just minutes. eCommerce and site analytics features are just as easy to add to your webpage as images, text and titles. The fact that the free pricing plan does not force ads, banners or pop-ups is a breath of fresh air, further proving Weebly’s dedication to providing space for everyone on the Internet.



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