Why a Digital Portfolio Can Increase Your Chances of Getting Hired

shutterstock_198896525In the past, many professionals often carried a portfolio with them to job interviews. The portfolio would include examples of the individual’s best work and give them a concrete edge over the competition as they could give actual examples of their previous work. This was particularly true of writers, journalists, artists and photographers. Today, the world has changed, and everything has gone digital. If you have experienced difficulty in getting hired recently, maybe it’s time to focus on the intangibles.

Digital Portfolios offer a Professional Method for Showcasing Your Work

Websites are no longer just for large companies or moms who want to blog. Websites can be used by practically anyone and for any purpose, including for designing a digital portfolio to showcase the best examples of your work. Overall, an online portfolio provides a polished medium for sharing your expertise and past projects with others.

More Opportunity for Creativity

In many fields, your ability to land the job rests on your ability to demonstrate your creativity. This is one area where a digital portfolio can prove to be particularly helpful. It is simply much easier to be more creative with a website than with a traditional portfolio. As a result, you have a greater opportunity to show a prospective employer everything that you are truly capable of doing.

Showing Off Technical Skills

Along with highlighting your work, digital portfolios can also provide you with a number of other benefits, including showing prospective employers that you are savvy while demonstrating your technical skills. Sometimes, it is simply not enough to be innovative and creative. You must also possess technical skills. A digital portfolio gives you the opportunity to show that you have both.

More Convenient for Employers

For employers, the ability to review a digital portfolio can also be a convenience feature that allows him or her to access samples of your work at a time that is most convenient. Furthermore, the employer does not need to worry about misplacing your original hardcopies.

Create a Great First Impression

As we all know, a great first impression is vital to landing any job. With a digital portfolio, you can create that all-important great first impression before the employer even calls you in for an interview. Simply send in your resume with a website link to your online portfolio. Employers will be likely to click the link to review your work. By presenting your work samples, previous presentations and recommendations, you will have made a memorable first impression and already be a step ahead of the competition.

Increased Online Exposure and Visibility

Businesses today are often concerned with boosting their online presence. This is for good reason. The larger your online presence, the more likely it is that your target audience will be able to find your business. This concept also holds true for individuals looking to find their next job or assignment. By creating and publishing a digital portfolio, you will be able to boost your online visibility and gain an online presence that can pay off quite well. Employers are more savvy than ever. When a prospective employer searches for your name online, as many will, your digital portfolio will often be one of the first search results to appear. Furthermore, a digital portfolio provides far more flexibility than a simple, traditional resume. While a resume is quite limiting in terms of what you can present, that is not the case with an online portfolio. In most cases, all a resume will allow you to present is your education and work experience. With an online portfolio, you gain the opportunity to demonstrate your personality by selecting the design as well as the layout of your portfolio.

Flexible for the Future

Your work history and accomplishments do not remain static. You are continually adding experience. A digital portfolio allows you to capture those changes by adding content, pictures and copy. All it takes is the click of a button to instantly create new content to highlight your evolving skills.

A Few Tips

While a digital portfolio can obviously present a number of benefits, it is important that you create the best portfolio possible to represent your work. Without proper design and editing, an online portfolio can quickly appear to be nothing more than a hodgepodge of documents and photos. The more difficult a digital portfolio is to navigate, the less likely it is that an employer will try to do so. Website building tools today can make it quite easy to build a digital portfolio with easy navigation and a sleek, professional appearance. Remember to ensure that your samples will load quickly. With a little vision, you can create a digital portfolio that will help you to land your next job.

Posted on Monday, November 24th, 2014