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To say that WordPress is a popular website building solution would be a glaring understatement, given the fact that its technology is responsible for 20% of all web content. Even if you have never built a website before, you most certainly have seen its work on the Internet; whether or not you were aware of it. WordPress has become the standard for open-source solutions that powers so much of the Internet’s content, like CNN, BoingBoing, TIME, TED and more. The company‚Äôs strategy is to give a lot away for free and only charge for upgraded designs and domains, and clearly that strategy has been paying off since their inception in 2005.


WordPress is a prime example of a company that offers a world of opportunity to developers of higher skill levels. A complete beginner can get a free website built and hosted in the same day without requiring any development experience or know-how, but may not be satisfied with the limited options available to them. Themes are easily customizable for those that want to upgrade and have more control of their website development. You can modify headers, titles, colors, fonts and a CSS editor to fully personalize your website using WordPress’ editing tools. Integrating with social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr accounts is simple and effective at increasing the exposure of your website; whether for personal or business purposes.


Most WordPress users purchase their themes, since the free themes are so limited in terms of customization. Essentially, you must upgrade to make any changes whatsoever to your theme, not to mention there will be WordPress ads on your site in exchange for its free tools and hosting. This may be a concern for those customers on a low (or no) budget, but you can expect this from virtually every website provider. Paying for your theme by upgrading to a premium package is for anyone who is even mildly serious about their website; from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

You must be a Business subscriber to enable eCommerce, where you will have access to several added features. The WordPress builder gives the ultimate control to the user to build its website exactly as they want, and allows them to optimize its site to get the best possible search results through Google, Bing and other major search engines.


Plugins are what make WordPress do all of the wonderful things that make websites shine. Obviously, a customer has to be savvy enough to know which plugins to download and how to use them, so this will create a severe learning curve for the novice website builder. But for those that are willing and able to venture into the world of plugins, you will find that plugins can be implemented to ensure your website is being optimized, marketed and promoted. Some might find it inconvenient to have to download and install plugins to enable their sites for more advanced features, but WordPress is the foundation of the most popular websites in existence. Adding meta tags, keywords and SEO capability in WordPress brings the best results, so this extra effort is seen as worthwhile.


Imagine providing support for 20% of the Internet content and you can understand why WordPress limits its direct customer support access to Premium and Business package subscribers. At any level, you will have access to an expansive knowledgebase and community support. For Premium level customers, direct email support is available, which will come as some comfort to those who may be struggling with their site. Business members have the benefit of direct access through live chat as well, which means you can resolve your issues without having to wait quite as long. Some might find the customer support access lacking, but considering how many people use WordPress, there are thousands of experts in the WordPress community that can probably help you faster than an actual WordPress employee.


Basic: Free blog with a WordPress.com address and 3GB of space.

Premium: $99/year for free blog, custom domain, advanced customization, video storage and 13GB of space.

Business: $299/year for free blog, custom domain, advanced customization, 50+ premium themes, eCommerce, unlimited videos and unlimited space.


WordPress is the de facto website building solution

Provides the framework for a successful website with easy to use tools


There is a steep learning curve when using some of the more advanced settings


WordPress may not be the best option for those who want quick fixes to complicated issues



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