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Zyro has a lot to recommend, but falls too easily into the trap of not trusting its own features to sell the product, relying instead on bait and switch tactics and “technically” true claims that don’t match the assumption drawn by potential users. That’s quite a shame, really, since what they are offering would sell itself were it not for these somewhat clumsy attempts at chicanery. Outside of that, Zyro is an excellent builder with a number of good features that make it worth using.

Ease of Use

With web builders, the site itself is often the demonstration of what it can do, and the Zyro site is quite impressive, using a lot of complex features to make it easy to use. It looks impressive, and it’s not difficult to navigate, making it ideal as far as websites go. Sign up is a snap and brings the user directly to where they can choose a template to start, followed by actual building and publishing.


The builder is linked to the templates both in terms of its reliance on them and its inability to move too much away from them. The drag-and-drop interface is incredibly easy to use, and it doesn’t take much to get the hang of how to most effectively use the UI. Moreover, nothing appears to be “hidden” in the sense that it is so difficult to find that it might as well not be there.

The biggest problem is that there aren’t a lot of opportunities to customize the template. The user is largely locked into at least the basic frame of what is going on. While the advanced SEO options detailed later make it clear why this is the case, it at least feels unnecessarily restrictive.


Hosting is fairly simple with Zyro. The user is given unlimited storage and email accounts. While it isn’t mentioned, presumably they have “unlimited” bandwidth as well, meaning “as much as you want until a polite letter is sent asking you to upgrade.” There’s nothing wrong with that, especially for small businesses that are just getting started and won’t have much traffic at first anyway.

The basic plan allows for a subdomain of Zyro, and the more advanced one allows for a custom URL to be used.


This is a fairly impressive aspect of the builder. It does an excellent job of automatically populating the correct tags for search engine optimization based on the content of the page. It’s a lovely piece of code that does a great job for novices.

The advanced plan also allows for easy social media integration, which is still one of the better ways to get word of a website out on the Internet. Overall, for an inexpensive service, this provides a decent amount of marketing power.

Customer Support

Customer support with Zyro isn’t great, but it’s certainly not terrible. Customers are given access to 24/7 support in their account both through email and live chat. While there is no phone support option, the chat works very well, and it’s clear that the agents are well-trained and know what they’re doing. Response time was quick whenever attempted through both methods and the responses were always helpful.


This is where the other major problem comes in. The fact of the matter is, on several pages of the main site the service is claimed to be “absolutely free” or “100% free,” but then it becomes clear that the free plan is severely limited in what it can do. The Premium plan is much better and not particularly expensive, so it seems odd to try to deceive potential customers into signing up only to hit them with the paid version that has many desirable features.

1. Free – The free plan comes with unlimited storage and email addresses, but it also includes basic website design and 30 templates to work with. It doesn’t have most social media integration, but it does have YouTube embedding active.

2. Premium – The Premium plan includes all of the above, plus the addition of 70 more templates, Flash integration, PayPal one-time payments, and the rest of the social networks as well as the ability to use custom URLs.

The Good…

The builder itself is well designed and easy to use, and the features are worth the price of the Premium plan.

The Bad…

It’s difficult to break out of the templates, which restrict design options.

And The Ugly

There is absolutely no reason to bait and switch customers, especially when the paid plan is reasonably priced.


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